Youngsters on work experience

Students on work experience with Red Sail Sports are enjoying their time as part-time employees. 

One of those, 17-year-old Kemar Hall, is the newest member of the Red Sail Sports team in East End. 

“It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done in a long time,” he said. “I get to meet new people from all over the world – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and other places.” 

A Year 12 student, Kemar Hall reports to work with Red Sail Sports two days a week and attends school the other three days. He is participating in an eight-month work experience programme offered by the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre and supported by Red Sail Sports, and other members of Cayman’s hospitality industry. Eight students are working part time with Red Sail Sports. Some 250 young Caymanians have been placed with tourism businesses across Grand Cayman.  

“The hope is that they can secure full- or part-time employment as a result of their work experience,” said Margaret Jackson, head of career service at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre. “Exploring varied career paths often helps students make life career decisions.” 

Rod McDowall, operations manager for Red Sail Sports, said that Mr. Hall showed a lot of promise. 

“As an employer, hiring a Caymanian makes a lot of sense,” he said. “There are no work permit fees involved and having a qualified Caymanian like him on our staff also gives us a broader mix of nationalities serving our customers.” 

A certified diver, Mr. Hall shadows dive masters and assisting customers. He also accompanies guides and guests on Waverunner Safaris through the mangroves and shallow reefs. 

“This is an investment in their future and the future of tourism in the Cayman Islands,” said Mr. McDowall of the students who reported to work two months ago in the various departments at Red Sail Sports including retail sales, water sports, diving and catamarans. 

Development plans 

Each student has a development plan in place that includes initial goal setting, targets for monthly ratings and feedback, as well as a final review and recommendation. They meet regularly with their Red Sail Sports supervisors to discuss these goals and targets.  

“Most students haven’t been exposed to a professional workplace environment in which they are responsible for meeting targets and maintaining professional performance,” said Beth Hiryok, Red Sail Sports training manager. “We want to introduce them to this concept, help ensure they stay on target and maximise their personal growth and productivity during their time with us.”  

Other students now employed with Red Sail Sports are Kylar Miller, Keysy Huffington, Kenya Pinnock, Candace Charles, Ashley McLean, Joseph Burey and Denniston Thompson. 

Rod McDowall is also a member of Cayman’s Hospitality Council an organisation that focuses on tourism. He revealed the council is working to help establish hospitality courses at the local university in 2013 and 2014, to offer young Caymanians other opportunities to choose the hospitality industry as a career. 

The Cayman Islands Further Education Centre was opened in September 2010 as the result of the reorganisation of secondary schools in Grand Cayman.  


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