Guyanese man still missing

Despite a number of public appeals and extensive searches, 31-year-old Guyanese national Hemerson Gonzalez has not been traced. Mr. Gonzalez was last seen leaving his friend’s house in Spotts Newlands around 5.30pm on Tuesday, 11 December 2012.

As the days pass officers are becoming increasingly concerned about his health as he had been suffering from severe vomiting before he went missing. There have been no confirmed sightings of Mr. Gonzalez since Tuesday afternoon and he has not been in contact with friends or sought medical attention.

Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden is urging anyone who has seen Mr. Gonzalez, or who is aware of his current whereabouts, to contact the police immediately to ensure that he receives urgent welfare and medical attention.

Information can be passed on the following numbers 925-7240 / 926-3975, or via the confidential Crime Stoppers line 800-8477(TIPS). A dedicated e-mail address has also been set up for information. That address is [email protected]

Missing Man

Mr Gonzalez

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  1. There are two issues here that, as per the lack of comments on this article, need to be addressed:

    1. This is the fourth person to vanish in a mist of mystery in a little bit more than a year. Four cases, so far. There is not a linking factor; no way to build a profile that fits the missing persons.

    2. The lack of comments, by itself, means we are getting used to these occurrences. As with the everyday crime, unheard in the past but barely making news nowadays, these disappearances are becoming an expectation.

    May you live in interesting times.

  2. unheard in the past but barely making news nowadays, these disappearances are becoming an expectation.

    By these statements, its clear that you don’t know much about the history of Cayman…and I for one, greatly sympathise with your pain if this missing person is a loved one or friend but…

    Cayman’s long history has a record of people disappearing, never to be heard from or seen again.

    It is a dark chapter in Cayman’s culture that keeps getting re-written, ever so often and this recent resurgence is really frightening and scary.

    I, honestly, would not want to be living in the Cayman Islands at this present time.

    I hope with all my heart, that this young man is found or some evidence of his fate is discovered.

  3. I am surprised and practically alarmed that comparing to when a murder or a fatal accident happen in Cayman, the disappearance of a human being is just highlighted for a time then disappeared as if unimportant . For a small island, these disappearances are happening far too regular for comfort. These unfortunate souls might not be my family or yours but they are somebody’s.Going through life the pain of loosing a love one can only be realized when it hit close to home. Unless we are actually in the position we won’t appreciate how painful it is to loose a love one in these circumstances. We prefer to lay emphasis on Politics, Hedge Fund theft, the Premier and other catchy news. May God help us to be our brothers keeper.

  4. Hemerson Raymond is my nephew, and is an ONLY CHILD. I can’t understand how someone could just disappear and hasn’t be seen. Cayman does not have cameras on buildings etc. Where is a news article on the guy who he stayed with?

    Please understand that Hemerson has family who loves him, and a two year old son who is missing his daddy. Please continue to air this story so justice can be brought against the people who are involved.

    (Grieving aunt)