UDP to oust Bush

Members of the United Democratic Party are on the verge of ousting embattled McKeeva Bush as premier.

The UDP caucus met over the weekend to decide on the future of the party and the premier, reaching a consensus to remove Mr. Bush yesterday evening. Party sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said Deputy Premier
Juliana O’Connor-Connolly would replace Mr. Bush as premier, with
Rolston Anglin taking the role as deputy premier.

Premier Bush is expected to make a statement this morning (Monday, 17 December).

All eight elected members of the UDP must unanimously agree to the removal of Mr. Bush, if the party is to continue as the government of Cayman Islands.

It is understood that a reshuffle of ministerial positions will occur once the premier, who is also minister of finance, tourism and development, steps down or is forced out.

UDP ministers are expected to meet with Governor Duncan Taylor today to present the proposed reshuffled government.

However, Steve Moore, head of the Governor’s Office, said as of 9am, no request for a meeting with the governor had been made.

Mr. Bush was arrested by police last Tuesday, on suspicion of theft in connection to alleged financial irregularities regarding the use of a government credit card and a number of alleged breaches of the Anti-Corruption Law in relation to the importation of explosives on or before February 2012.

Police questioned the premier over two days and released him on bail Wednesday.

The next day, he travelled to Jamaica to deliver a commencement speech at the University College of the Caribbean in Kingston. He was supposed to receive an honorary doctorate from the university, but the school withheld the honour pending resolution of the criminal investigation against the premier.

He returned to Cayman late Friday and was met by about 100 supporters, but no elected member of the UDP appeared to be present for his welcome home.

Asked after he arrived at the airport if he was going to resign, Mr. Bush said “I’m not going anywhere.”

Check back for more on this developing story.

Editor’s note: This story has been edited from the original for accuracy.


  1. Excellent – the first thing on the agenda must be which kind of luxury jet will be needed to ferry the leader back and forth. I would suggest a Learjet, however I think we could even have a Dreamliner land at the Brac, as I know someone who could pave an extension to the runway there

  2. Welcome to Cayman’s first Party with a Premier. Not a good omen for the party-system we have adopted. See ya in another 4 years when after PPM or C4C create some other havoc…

    When will we learn to get rid of the parties and return to the days when an MLA represented their district and at least debated in the LA for the country.

  3. Christmas come early. If he actually goes then I am going to put my Cayman flag back on my car window and I am going to honk my horn in appreciation every time I drive past the Government building. I suggest we all do the same.

  4. If the UDP takes this upon themselves to oust the Premier without stating that it is agreed by the Premier with them, then they are a bunch of Party Poopers. Know the facts first. Do not let others lamp-post you into making that decision.
    UDP Government is the better government, but I am still aware that Political Power is one Hell of a thing.

  5. The only radical Cayman Politician is Bush! When he is gone the Cayman will become the puppet of the UK! Hope everyone is prepared to be pushed around! Hahahah! The Brave May fall but Never yield

  6. So it seems like the competition is going to get what they have been hoping forThe PPM is practically a shoe in to win the next electionI just can wait to see the headlines a year from now..

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