One dead in central GT shooting

Shedden Road shooting main

Update, 12:40pm:Detectives
investigating the murder of a 23-year-old man in George Town last night have
named him as Jackson Rainford.  Mr. Rainford, a Jamaican national, was
resident in Spotts Newlands.

The Cayman Islands had nearly gone through all of 2012 without a homicide.

Late Sunday night, that changed as a young Jamaican national was apparently gunned down on Printer’s Way in George Town.

By early Monday morning, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service had arrested one suspect, a 21-year-old man, in connection with the shooting death.

The victim, a 23-year-old, was a passenger inside a vehicle that was located by police responding to the scene of the shooting.

Police found the vehicle at the intersection of Shedden Road and Thomas Russell Way. The shooting was believed to have occurred on Printer’s Way near Shedden Road.

The 23-year-old man was found inside the vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Police removed him from the car and tried to resuscitate him, without success. Ambulance personnel later pronounced him dead at the scene.

The shooting death is the first to occur in Cayman since September 2011.

The police investigation required that Shedden Road be closed from the traffic lights at Thomas Russell Way, near Jacques Scott’s, to the junction with Dorcy Drive at NAPA. Printers Way, which runs off Thomas Russell Way to Shedden Road, was also closed to traffic Monday morning.

Shedden Road shooting

Section of Shedden Road between Jacques Scott and Napa closed to traffic.
Tammie C. Chisholm


  1. Condolences! Was he a visitor or work permit holder? I hope the Jamaica Foreign Affairs get on job with ths! Too much of our nationals are getting murder in this island. We need a travel advisory also!

  2. What a shame that this should happen in such a nice, beautiful place with nice, beautiful people. Unfortunately as the population of the world increases, we can expect more violence by one human being against another?
    should the arrested suspect be found guilty, he should be put to death immediately. the idea of rehabilitation in lieu of punishment is an outdated, outmoded idea. Perhaps the muslim people have the right idea when they amputate the hands of thieves and execute killers promptly.

  3. My utmost condolences to the families represented.

    It is so sad that the year comes to an end with a fatal shooting. How could hate be so strong in taking another person’s life?

    God help us. God help this generation of troubled youngsters.

  4. LottaBaloney – I am guessing you’re not a muslim, it may shock you to hear this, but not all people of that faith agree with executions and dismembering people.

    I think the idea of the death penalty is far more ‘outdated’ than rehabilition. Death penalty sounds kind of useful until they convict the wrong man…

    It is a shame such stupidity had to occur on this island, there is way too much of it already.

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