Horse riders endorsed by TV show

While often recognised for pristine diving, exquisite culinary offerings and luxurious accommodations, the Cayman Islands and Spirit of the West stables recently received a special endorsement for offering an unforgettable experience for horseback riders. 

Selected for earning a consistently high ranking on TripAdvisor, Spirit of the West facilitated a 30-person ride for cruisers and riding enthusiasts travelling with host Tom Seay of American television show “Best of America by Horseback”, which airs three times a week on cable network RFD-TV. The network receives 13.2 million viewers per week by a core audience ages 50 and older. 

“We chose the Cayman Islands over all other destinations because of the friendliness of the people, the safe environment and everyone feels welcome here,” Mr. Seay said. 

During their excursion the guests were able to enjoy a beach trail ride and horseback sea swim in Barkers in West Bay in Grand Cayman. 

“It was a humbling experience to be chosen by Best of America by Horseback as the featured tour company for the Cayman Islands,” said Paul Rivers, owner of Spirit of the West.  

“Every day that I work with tourists I appreciate that I am an ambassador for my country, so to be honoured in this way just drove home the importance of what tour companies do for Cayman’s international appeal and image,” he said. “We have worked so hard to make Spirit of the West a tour that everyone feels is a ‘must’ on their vacation to-do list. It is so gratifying to have these efforts validated to this extent. It was truly an amazing experience!” 

Echoing those sentiments, Rosa Harris, manager of the Department of Tourism’s National Promotions and Events unit, who met with the group at the conclusion of their ride, said that the recognition was an excellent accolade for the Cayman Islands. She added that the “Caymankind quality of service provided by the friendly staff of Spirit of the West [was] commendable”. 

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