Editorial for 18 December: What’s going on in government?

To our elected officials: We deserve better.

This country is going into week two of the murky waters of the unknown.

Our premier – the first in this country – was questioned for two days by members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service before he was released on police bail until February.

After the release, he immediately left this country and travelled to Jamaica where he called Cayman’s sitting governor an enemy.

Over the weekend meetings were held, proclamations made, rumours flew and second guessing what was going to happen became firsts nature with many.

As of Monday morning we were made to understand that members of the United Democratic Party was holed up discussing the future of Premier McKeeva Bush and, indeed, the government that at this writing was in charge of the Cayman Islands.

The silence from that government is deafening.

If this government is so well equipped to run this country, then why isn’t it? Why are people calling in talk shows making wild guesses at what is going on? Shame on those we elected to lead us for keeping us in the dark for so long.

In our editorial on Monday we called for statesmanship. We deserve it not only from the premier, but from every person we voted into office.

We are sending the wrong message to people overseas: we have a premier who has been arrested, but hasn’t been charged and we have a government that is hiding behind closed doors, refusing it seems, to address the problem to the country.

But more importantly government is ignoring the very people that put it into power.

From the outside looking in – because that’s all we can do when there is no effective communication from the government – it would appear that people within the ruling power are jockeying for position. If greed and personalities are keeping this country from moving forward, shame on the party members who are taking part.

If the party is indeed working toward an amicable solution that is best for the premier and the country, let us know.


  1. As a courtesy to all Caymanians; please make a declaration now as to the current state of affairs, one way or another.

    It’s your Duty and Responsibility, as our elected governing body.

  2. What is going on is the UDP members are trying to find a way to get rid of Mac that works best for them. Once again the Country takes a back seat to their needs. It is sad and unforgivable.

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