Info on examination fees released

The Ministry of Education has released information regarding examination fees for government schools in the Cayman Islands.

According to a news release issued by the ministry, “no student is excluded from taking examinations because of their inability to pay in advance”.

The ministry added that all internal examinations and tests in government schools are free to all students. Cayman Islands students pay no school fees, while non-Caymanian students are assessed low fees, as provided in the law, based on the stage of education.

“No students pay book fees at this time, but students may be asked to contribute to practical fees for certain subjects such as technology, home economics and similar courses,” a statement from the Ministry of Education said. “Students are required to pay the costs for external examination fees. For the convenience of students and parents, these fees are collected by the school but are paid to the external examination board.”

“The Department of Education Services and the Ministry of Education are very sensitive to the economic pressures faced by families and a number of steps have been taken to help make the costs of external examinations more manageable,” the statement continued. “These include schools working to send out payment notices will in advance so that parents can budget accordingly, availing people of payment plans to pay the full amount in one instalment, and providing support where parents are unable to pay fees.”

Students are not restricted from taking examinations, even if the fees have not been paid. However, they cannot collect their certificates or be issued transcripts of external examinations results until debts are cleared.

The annual cost for external examinations for students is roughly $250,000, which the ministry said “is reflective of the increase of students sitting and passing internationally recognised and accredited qualifications”.

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