Fashion on the waterfront

Caymanian lifestyle, clothing and accessories brand One 345 – creators of the “Nah today bobo” and “All my beaches love me” T-shirts and tank tops – has been putting a smile on the faces of residents and visitors for several years with their quirky, humorous clothing lines.

This Saturday, 22 December, they are inviting local and local-ish folk down to the Cayman Cabana for a fashion showcase, where they will be revealing their brand new collection.

The 2013 collection is here and it’s going to feature some of the old classics, says creator Luigi Moxam, but there are also going to be some brand new designs, some of which, he warns, will be a little more blatant.

“It’s all open to interpretation though,” he muses. “That’s the beauty of art – you can draw your own conclusions.”

In keeping with One 345’s mission to support and encourage all artistic endeavours in Cayman, they are inviting local artists to bring down some of their work to display.

They’re also planning to showcase some of the lingerie from Vy’s Closet – a boutique store specialising in servicing the larger busted women. Don’t worry though – this is all going to be tastefully done with ladies wearing the lingerie underneath their T-shirts and tank tops.

They’re also planning on showcasing a few accessories such as a limited edition of Caymanite dog tags, and One 345 buttons (or badges, depending one where you are from) which they can customise with any message you want, Bobo.

And if you needed any more reason to go hang out on the waterfront on a Saturday afternoon, there’s going to be a DJ keeping things lively and drink specials.

It’s starts around 5pm, so head on down for a little fashion show on the waterfront.

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