Your new furry friend: Josie

If you have ever watched Scooby Doo or more recently Marmaduke, then you have a good idea how Josie looks. But don’t let looks fool you, Josie has a placid and loving nature and while she is keen to play she has none of the mischief and trouble making tendencies of the cartoon characters that she resembles.

Josie gets on well with dogs and humans alike and has lots of love and affection to give the lucky family who opens their home and hearts to her. Josie has been in the shelter since May 2011 and is so deserving of a loving home. She is about 3 years old and is spayed, heartworm free and fully up to date on her vaccines.

The shelter is within minutes of Seven Mile Beach at the A.L. Thompson’s roundabout. Shelter Hours are Monday to Friday: 11am to 5pm; Saturday: 9am to 4pm. Phone: 949-1461 or e-mail: [email protected]

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