Maples generosity keeps team afloat

Maples and Calder, title sponsor of the Cayman National Development Programme for swimming, presented the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association with $20,000 for the swimming programme. 

This generous donation, along with a grant from the Cayman Islands Government, has enabled Cayman Swimming to attract coach Ian Armiger here from British Swimming. 

The technical director of swimming is a new post for the swimming association, one which coach Ian has admirably filled since arriving four months ago.  

In that brief time Armiger’s leadership, enthusiasm and boundless energy has been felt by everyone involved in Cayman Swimming. 

“Being part of the team that brought someone of coach Ian’s calibre to Cayman Swimming is rewarding on multiple levels,” said Paul Lumsden, managing partner of Maples and Calder’s Cayman office.  

“Maples and Calder strongly believes in the ability of sports to develop focus, commitment and discipline in our youth. Coach Ian has expertise and proven results, and we look forward to seeing Cayman Swimming grow from strength to strength in all disciplines in the coming years.” 

Having had initial meetings with the Department of Sports, Public and Private PE Teachers, swim instructors and competitive club coaches, coach Ian has evaluated swimming in Cayman and is now devising appropriate programmes.  

“Open water swimming and competitive swimming is what you see in the news,” said Armiger. “And while these areas will continue to be developed I will also be working to build a strong foundation of swimming throughout our schools which focuses on water safety, community, schools swimming, awards programmes and learn to swim standards.  

“It is exciting to see success at the Olympics like we just experienced in London with Shaune and Brett Fraser, but by also focusing on building a foundation of swimming at the earlier ages we have the opportunity to be part of healthy lifestyles, to save lives and to see more and more fast swimming coming out of the Cayman Islands in the future.” 

As a sport and life skill, swimming has many applications. In addition to being a great form of exercise for all ages, it can also save a life and be the path to continuing education.  

It just makes good sense for everyone in the Cayman Islands to learn to swim. With Armiger’s help, the possibility of teaching all youth to swim can become a reality. 

Peter Mackay, the swimming association president, said: “On behalf of Cayman Swimming, and particularly the hundreds of swimmers who participate in Open Water Sea Swims, Competitive Age Group Sea Swims, Triathlons and Learn to Swim Programmes, we wish to extend our thanks to the Cayman Islands Government and to Maples and Calder for their support and belief in swimming as a foundation sport in the Cayman Islands.” 

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