Texaco station may close up overnight

After suffering several late-night/early morning robberies within the past few years, managers at the Walkers Road Texaco in Grand Cayman said Friday that they may close the store during the overnight hours.  

“It looks like something that may have to happen,” said David Wight, co-manager of the gas station and convenience store. “No matter what we do, we still get hit. 

“The only way to stop them is with guns and we can’t have that.”  

A lone robber struck at the Walkers Road Texaco before dawn on Friday.  

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service received the robbery report around 3.40am. Witnesses said the suspect smashed the glass door of the business and entered with a machete.  

Police said the suspect vaulted the convenience store counter and took some cash from the store register. He ran away from the store and was not located.  

The robber was described as 5 feet, 6 inches tall with a dark complexion. He wore a black mask and had a black cloth tied around his head. The suspect wore a long-sleeved, dark sweater with a white inside T-shirt and long black pants.  

No one was hurt. The store is a 24-hour operation and police said staff were present at the time of the hold up.  

Mr. Wight said the night manager of the store, one of two employees at the business premises when the robber struck, ran to the back of the convenience store to hide while the armed suspect took what amounted to a few hundred dollars in cash. The other employee, a gas pump attendant, was in the bathroom at the time of the robbery.  

The store manager said they had installed additional security equipment following an earlier robbery, but that it hadn’t stopped the armed man from breaking through the glass of the front door.  

He said all robberies at the store within the past few years seemed to be happening during the overnight period. Right now, the store works three shifts, 7am to 3pm, 3 to 11pm and 11pm to 7am.  

The Walkers Road Texaco is one of the handful 24-hour service stations operating in Grand Cayman. Most of the gas stations still close down during the overnight periods. 

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  1. Simple solution, Hang the Coyote on the Fence. Hire a martial arts expert to lye in wait. Once the perp is off the property, let the expert take care of the problem leaving a broken heap as a sign to others to stay away. Marl road, not RCIPS, will take of the rest.

  2. Bethinking

    What an imaginative way to deal with this. Stevan Segal might bbe interested as Chuck Norris is a little old now.

    Its your line of thinking that leads me to believe you dont think.

    Close it up or encage the the gas attendant is pretty much the only way. Good luck sir with your dilemma.

  3. Sure, Close up your business and lose money because you cannot and are not allowed to protect yourself. And armed guard would solve their problems or even the RCIPS keep closer tabs on 24 hours businesses. Since the attitude seems to be to allow thugs to pilfer the island as they please why not just pay them to not rob you, or maybe just pay one groups of thugs to protect you from another, the Mafia perfected this style of living a long time ago.

    Also, surely everyone must realize that this was all Bush’s fault, so everything should get so much better now..

  4. I hope the RCIPs realizes what a slap in their face this story really is. For a business to have been robbed so many times that they are considering the need to close down at night. That is a major lack of confidence vote for the RCIPs.

  5. It is a crying shame that a business that provides an important service to the community has to be thinking of shuttering their business for hours because there can be no security to protect them from vicious young hoodlums in this Island. Not even a country close to our islands ,criminals could not visit so often to rob . We would have had a couple of dead hoodlums on our hands. Chances are that there would not be a second visit by the criminals because they love their lives. We often speak of how safe Cayman is and highlight crime in other countries in the news, but we have far too many robberies and other crimes here. Police we are looking for protection from you. Legislators we expect you to enact laws that do not reward criminals. This foolishness must end or our tourists will flee with their and more business will continue to be shuttered giving rise to more unemployment with resultant increase in crimes.Action now.

  6. For those who may not have realized it, the comment about this being Bush’s fault was meant to be sarcastic

    But it does seem like people would be better off having the thugs protect their stores than the RCIPS, after all they seem to be better armed and not so afraid of confrontation.