Henry worthy of honour

As someone whose profession is music, I have had the “pleasure” of playing at many funerals and one often wonders if the dead person is the same person one knew alive, as one hears such fulsome expressions of praise at the great goodness of the deceased.

One often asks oneself if the dead person knew that he was held in such high esteem. I say all this as I am greatly pleased that Cayman has seen fit to award Henry Muttoo with an MBE while he is alive and in his right mind.

Henry Muttoo has done a great deal of work for us here in the Cayman Islands, not only as director extraordinaire, playwright, preserver of cultural works like Miss Lassie’s, creator of shows like GimmiStory etc., but more importantly he has been a cultural mentor and teacher to many of us. Many of our actors e.g. Quincy Brown, Rita Estevanovich and Frankie Flowers got their initiation into the arts through Henry’s guidance.

I, for one, learnt a lot at Henry and Marcia Muttoo’s feet about running the NCFA during my time as coordinator. The MBE cannot thank Henry enough for all the work he has done, but, nevertheless, thank you Cayman for rewarding Henry with this while he can still appreciate it.

Stephanie Williams

Retired education officer