Artists invited to ‘Red Sky at Night’

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation is inviting artists of all kinds – visual artists, performing artists, culinary artists and all creative types to take part in “Red Sky at Night”, an evening dedicated to celebrating the arts and culture of the Cayman Islands.  

Red Sky at Night will be part of Cayfest, which is now celebrated on three consecutive days in February. The National Arts Awards and the Dress for Culture Days will precede Red Sky at Night, which opens at 4pm on Saturday, 23 February and goes on until midnight.  

It’s set to be a vibrant, colourful evening where musicians, dancers, chefs, painters and crafts people can all showcase their talents and creativity. It will also be an opportunity for them to sell their creations.  

The grounds of the FJ Harquail Cultural Centre will be amply lit, and artists are invited to decorate their assigned outdoor spaces in their own unique way. Three stages will be available to performers – the main stage in the theatre, along with two outdoors stages, and a path will connect the Harquail Centre to the National Gallery, which will also open for the evening, making it a true night for the arts.  

At this point, the CNCF is calling artists of all kinds to register to take part in this exciting event.  

The trees around the lake will also be used in a tree decorating competition, which will help to raise money for the foundation. Volunteers are also sought for the evening. Help in all forms is needed from nurses and lifeguards to stage managers and ticket vendors.  


Exhibition spaces are limited and registration for those wishing to participate will close on Monday, 14 January. Those wishing to take part can download registration forms from the CNCF website or present themselves in person at the office. Individuals wishing to register as volunteers can also do so through the website or in person. 

CNCF is calling artists of all kinds to register to take part in this exciting event