Goddesses, fairies and fields of flowers

When you step into Full of Beans cafe this month, you’ll be stepping into a space adorned with goddesses, fanciful butterfly fairies and open fields of heavenly flowers – thanks to artist of the month Orchid Morrison.

The Caymanian artist hopes that her paintings will take viewers on an emotional journey. “The paintings should evoke a feeling of joy and appreciation,” she says. “I hope you will feel compelled or inspired to join my many collectors from all over the world.”

Indeed, the Caymanian born artist, who now lives and works in Bermuda, has exhibited her work Bermuda, Canada, the United States and the Cayman Islands.

A full-time attorney, Orchid says she can’t remember a time when she didn’t draw or sketch or paint. Making people happy through her art is a great motivator for her, she says, and she is both honoured and humbled when people enjoy her work.

Painting mainly in oils and sometimes acrylics, Orchid says she is inspired by the world around her.

“A thought or an emotion, a concept, people, textures, the environment … you name it … but I tend to incorporate something that draws reference to my lovely home where I was born and raised – Cayman,” she says.

Looking forward, Orchid is working on a few pieces that have been commissioned by fans of her signature style.

“My style is very surreal and unique,” she explains. “Some people liken my floral works of art as being reminiscent of the impressionist era. When I paint people, my signature is to use their tresses to create a mode and a story to the painting where the hair disappears into the background.”

Go along to Full of Beans for a coffee or a snack this month, and you’ll get a glimpse inside Orchid’s vivid imagination.