Stabbing, robbery overnight

Update: Police arrested a 34-year-old woman Saturday in connection with a wounding incident at a West Bay Road bar.

Police said a 49-year-old man received a serious injury to his neck while he was at Nectar Bar on West Bay Road. Officers said the man was expected to survive.

Investigators provided no potential motives for the attack. The woman who was arrested had not been charged immediately.

The victim was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital after police said he was “slashed” at the Seven Mile Shops complex property on West Bay Road just before 3am Saturday.

The exact location of the attack was not immediately clear, however police had marked off several locations of the mall walkway where blood appeared to have pooled.

Officers were also walking in and out of the entrance of Nectar bar and a press release from the police department said the victim in the attack had been “slashed and seriously injured at the Nectar bar”.

The bar owner was on scene Saturday morning but declined to comment about what had occurred.

Robbery reported

At around the same time as the bar incident was going on, police received a robbery report on Shedden Road in central George Town.

However, police could not immediately determine what had occurred since the victim was apparently “too intoxicated” to tell officers anything.


  1. Attacks on the beach, at the shops, and at the restaurants on 7 mile ! What is going on? It seems crime has arrived full time on the once safe island of Grand Cayman. What will it take to get this under control?

  2. CREWFEW the entire island.In order to be out past curewfew YOU must have a pass issued by RCIP and they will have a list of who has passes and why. Allow stunn guns for the citizens (issue permits for that based on past criminal records) Get those lazy officers dragging their feet in the offices to d osomething rapidly and productive. Then patrol the areas..I am certain we have more polce cars thatn we do districts so put one or two each and every night/day patrolling the districts. I mean it is not rocket science – rather than doing nothing…DO Something!!!

  3. CREWFEW the entire island.In order to be out past curewfew YOU must have a pass issued by RCIP and they will have a list of who has passes and why.

    Adolf Hitler and Germany’s Nazi Government put a curfew in place in pre-WW2 Germany…did you know this ?

    Oh yes…and those curfewed were of a certain race of people and had to wear big yellow stars indentifying themsleves.

    Later on, a majority of those curfewed people, with the big yellow stars on their clothes…ended up where ?

    In the gas chambers and cremation ovens of Auswitch, Treblinka, Daucha and other Nazi death camps…some 6 million of them, men, women…and beautiful little children.

    When I watch movies and documentaries of this, I still shed tears for these people.

    And you want to curfew the population of the Cayman Islands ?

    And issue out passes to certain, priviledged people, to move around freely.

    What happens to the curfewed population…will they also have to wear big yellow stars on their clothing ?

    How will you select who will be put under curfew ?

    By the colour of their skin, where they live, what kind of job they do, what kind of car they drive, what religion they are, what political party they belong to…?

    Bur remember, while you’re working this all out…

    Modern-day Cayman is not pre-WW2 Germany…

    So, be very careful when you go to enforce your curfew and restriction lists.

    Last thing I heard…

    There are quite a few illegal guns hidden around in Cayman.

    You get my drift, don’t you ?

  4. I guess what I’m trying to say here is…

    That any persons or people that you attempt to put a curfew on in Cayman, without the issue of a major outbreak of public disorder like rioting and the like as a lawful and legitimate reason…

    Might not go down very well with those people.

    And knowing Cayman like I do…

    They might not be as docile and compliant and Hitler’s ‘yellow star’ people were.

    As a matter of fact…I’m positive that they won’t.

    So, be careful of those guns hidden away eh !

    They’re not just there to rob people with.

    And not just robbers and criminals have them either.

    So, be very, very careful with this insane idea of curfewing Cayman’s population.

  5. Its not Germany Firey…we curfewed after Ivan to protect people no one was gassed or put in chambers…. look at the times these crimes happen…curfew after a certain time to keep people safe and home is all….we did it after Ivan and again it was to protect us all… extremist. A curfew with a pass is like a hall pass if you want one ask the teacher and go to the bathroom…if you need to be out because of work issues etc….get a pass no one broke out in a riot after Ivan either it helped us all and guess what we did not have all this crime either.

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