Sensei Reid sets CASK sights high

The Cayman Associated School of Karate-do (CASK Karate) is one of the most progressive martial arts clubs in the Cayman Islands and founder Sensei Greg Reid has plans to increase its popularity this year.  

Based at King’s Sports Centre, CASK has become a magnet for aspiring champs and black belt holders.  

“At CASK we have an exciting year ahead of us in 2013 for all three of our divisions, the Youth Programme, Women Only Programme and the Co-Ed Adult Programme,” said Sensei Reid. 

“In the youth programme, we have six ‘High Performance’ seminars planned over the year, which will focus on taking a junior and developing them into an elite athlete for future competitions.  

“There are three scheduled junior graduations planned and an additional two opportunities where juniors could test for their black belt. We currently have four junior black belts in the school and over 100 athletes training in our Youth Programme. 

“In the Women Only Programme, this year we added a new class for the ladies during the day to make a total of two Women Only classes in the school plus three other opportunities for the women to train on a weekly basis.  

“Our Women’s Programme is growing in numbers and technical skill, and we now have six female black belts in the school. Our focus in this programme is health, fitness, self-defence and making karate a fun but challenging activity. 

“We will be working to build our growing Co-Ed Programme. We have seen more and more families getting involved in our school and the parents are seeing the benefits of getting the whole family involved. We are planning two graduations as well as having two black belt exams scheduled.” 

Reid is pleased with the accomplishments of the past 12 months.  

“Over 2012 we set high technical standards within all of our programmes and we saw many students achieve theirs goals,” he said.  

“Our school now has 18 black belts actively involved and helping to set a high technical and leadership standard. We specifically began teaching more sport-oriented Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms) in all programmes with the goal of future WKF and WUKO competition for those students who are interested.” 

Reid is proud of how fast his juniors have developed.  

“Our four junior black belts Tameka Cox, Jaedyn Hanna, Dominic Owens and Robert Rutkowski are leading the group and continuing to set the bar extremely high for the other juniors. We also have many brown belts and junior ranks who are pushing hard to improve and surpass the current junior leaders.” 

Reid would like CASK to reach other districts and is hoping to expand.  

“At our location at King’s we see many students from all over the Island with many travelling from the districts of West Bay, Bodden Town and East End to train. 

“We are exploring the possibility of starting a satellite school in the West bay community to make karate accessible for more youths and adults there.  

“We are planning lectures, demonstrations at various schools and community events throughout the island over the next year to educate the youth and general public about the amazing benefits of traditional Karate-do.” 

Reid hopes his students can get some international experience this year.  

“CASK is both a member of WUKO, CIKF, Wado Canada, and ISKF and has been invited to attend clinics and attend major tournaments internationally.  

“Throughout 2013, as we prepare our athletes through ‘High Performance’ seminars and clinics we are working towards the possibility of developing a National Team Training Programme for Cayman. There is a strong possibility that some of our athletes may be travelling abroad this year. CASK is planning to possibly host some guest too.” 

Youth graduations for CASK are on 9 March, 22 June and 12 October. Adult graduations are 6 June, 24 October and black belt exams 6 June and 5 December.