Editorial for 15 January: Shelter needs a new home

When animals are poisoned, shot or generally abused in the
Cayman Islands, there is a huge hue and cry that goes out from a large segment
of the population, as there rightly should be.

But where has the passion about animals living in cramped
quarters been for the past few decades?

We have known for years that conditions at the Cayman
Islands Humane Society Shelter aren’t the greatest for the animals that live
there waiting to be adopted.

More often than not, the shelter is overcrowded with cats
and dogs. Quarters are also cramped for the Society’s book loft and thrift

The shelter and shops are housed in an old Caymanian home on
the dangerous corner of North Sound Road and Sound Way. It is at that
intersection that many motorists encounter volunteer dog walkers who bravely
attempt to get their leashed charges across the dual carriageway for a walking
reprieve from the confines of the shelter. Not only is the shelter cramped,
it’s old and there are concerns about the shelter’s safety in the future.
Shelter workers and residents faced flooding of the structure last year.

The Humane Society has been at this site for 40 years. It
was donated to them by someone who cared about animals, but now it’s time to
move on.

But because the Society is a non-profit and relies on
donations and volunteers, it can’t go far without help.

Kudos to Cayman National for being a good corporate citizen
and making the first donation to the Humane Society Building Fund in the amount
of $6,000. We would hope that other businesses would take a lesson from the
leadership at Cayman National and follow suit.

Or, someone with property or buildings could donate them to
the Society. The shelter really needs to be away from our busy thoroughfares of
central George Town for the safety of the shelter workers, volunteers, shoppers
and animals. So please do some soul searching and pocket digging and help the
Humane Society celebrate its 40th year in the Cayman Islands with new, safer
facilities. If you can help in any way, please call them at 949-1461.