300 traffic warrants issued

More than 300 arrest warrants have been issued for individuals that haven’t paid their traffic fines since the Cayman Islands’ new Traffic Law came into effect in September. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police said Thursday that the 313 unpaid traffic fines represent 27.4 per cent of all tickets issued from September 2012 to now.

RCIPS Chief Inspector Angelique Howell is encouraging people who receive tickets to read them carefully so that they fully understand the implications of failing to comply with the conditions.

“The ticket can be paid any time up to 10am on the date cited on the ticket,” Ms Howell said. “This date is three weeks from the date of issue.

“Anyone who fails to pay the ticket, or wishes to contest it, must appear in traffic court on the date cited. Failure to pay or appear will result in the issue of an arrest warrant. The issue of such a warrant has serious implications for the offender as he or she will be arrested and immediately brought before the courts to be dealt with.”



  1. This is a fundamental problem in Cayman of not paying bills on time. It is good news that police can issue warrants.
    But small businesses are closing down across the island because customers are not paying their bills on time and it cost a too much in legal services to recover these debts because it is not a matter of simply issuing a warrant for them.

  2. Let us hope they can really collect. The crazy driving still continues and in my estimation fines should be doutble. Some young people have complained at the amount charged. Well there is an answer to that if you don’t want to pay the fine then don’t drive like an idiot. My criteria for avoiding the stupid drivers who show off is avoid young men or women in cars with spoilers or booming mufflers!

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