‘Recipes and Remembrances’ in Little Cayman cookbook

Pirates Point in Little Cayman is, of course, world-famous – and we do not say that lightly – for not just the sheer beauty of the place but the quality of the food. 

And now they’ve released an updated cookbook by popular demand. 

It’s titled “Recipes and Remembrances: Cookin’ with the Chefs in Little Cayman” and it’s quite brilliant. Here’s the legendary Gladys Howard to tell us all about it. 

“The cookbook came out in December 2012,” explains the doyen of hospitality. 

“Just before Xmas we got the first copies to sell when the editor who helped put it together brought down three boxes. 

“We had completely sold out of the [previous] cookbook Cookin’ Little Cayman after several reprints and guests kept asking about a cookbook so instead of reprinting the old one which was published in 1996, we decided that we need a new one with new recipes but did include some of the old favourites from the prior cookbook. We have been very generous with our recipes and have made copies for those guests who really bug us for a certain recipe.” 


Favourite recipes 

Of course, guests are delighted (as are locals, as Weekender can personally confirm) and lots of copies go back as gifts and for personal use. We can all get hold of it, even on the big island now, Gladys confirms. 

“I just took part of a case to the National Trust in Grand Cayman on Tuesday so it is available in Grand Cayman [as well as Pirates Point and the National Trust of Little Cayman].”
So what’s in the book, we wonder, and who are the talented chefs providing the recipes – aside from Gladys, of course. 

“Presently I have two full time chefs, Dianne Sherer Fite and Jeff Papendick, plus a substitute, Debbi Truchan, who has won the Little Cayman Cook-off with some her invented recipes using local ingredients … we have included all of the recent winners in the Sister Islands Cook-Off from these talented chefs. 

“The perhaps most asked for recipe is Scuba Bars which we serve for lunch. They are like Reeses Peanut Cups and had their origin when I did the University of Texas Centennial cookbook, Cook Em’ Horns and I gave them the name Scuba Bars when I came to Little Cayman nearly 27 years ago and started serving them for lunch to divers after they returned to the resort after their two dives. They are full of energy ingredients! Great for my divers!” 

Scuba divers and bars? You’d never put those together would you? 


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