Teen gets curfew with sentence

Two burglaries, one theft admitted

Eric Dexter Evans was sentenced to 18 months probation last week after pleading guilty to two charges of burglary and one charge of stealing a boat. 

The probation order meant he was released from custody, where he had been since his arrest in early December. Conditions include random drug testing, attendance at counselling sessions and a curfew from 9pm to 6am. 

Evans was also given three months to pay $785 for the damage he caused to the boat when, in his words, he took it without permission “for a joyride”. 

Chief Magistrate Nova Hall said the offences were serious matters for which the court had no tolerance. However, she noted, Evans was 17 at the time he committed them – turning 18 on the day he was sentenced. He pleaded guilty and assisted in recovery of the stolen items. 

Earlier, defence attorney John Furniss said Evans had no previous history of difficulties, “so he is someone there is hope for”. He noted the social inquiry report, which recommended a work programme and bail conditions that would help Evans stop using ganja. 

“If he doesn’t do that, back to Northward he goes, I’m afraid, and another life is wasted,” Mr. Furniss said. 

The magistrate agreed that this was the time to redirect Evans’ energies and get him going in a different direction. She said that many people now in their 40s started coming to court when they were Evans’ age and they now had a string of convictions. “That should not happen to you if you follow the conditions of your probation order,” she told him.  

According to a summary of facts set out by Crown Counsel Elisabeth Lees during an earlier hearing, a 3500 Ocean Runner with a 25-horsepower engine was stolen on 24 November from a dock on Patrick’s Island where it had been moored. Its value was $9,200. 

The next day, police spoke to Evans about drugs and he admitted possession and consumption of ganja. Spoken to about the boat, he said he had taken it for a joy ride. 

On police bail, he burgled a neighbour’s residence on 1 December. When questioned, he admitted it; officers searching home also recovered items from an earlier burglary in South Sound. 

Cayman Islands Courthouse

The Law Courts Building in downtown George Town. – Photo: File