UK seeks ex-Turks premier's extradition

The United Kingdom government made a formal request Tuesday with the Brazilian government for the extradition of former Turks and Caicos Islands Premier Michael Misick’s return to his home country.

Misick, a fugitive for more than a year according to the UK, was sought for questioning in connection with various corruption-related investigations that have been ongoing in the British Overseas Territory since 2009.

“The Turks and Caicos Islands’ chief magistrate and the acting Attorney General formally certified the papers last week and they were taken to Brazil on Sunday,” said Turks AG Huw Shepheard in a statement released Tuesday.

“Some time was needed to assemble the documentation and to have the request translated into Portuguese,” Mr. Shepheard said. “However, the request has been made well within the time limit imposed by the extradition treaty, in accordance with the intention of the Turks and Caicos Islands government and the Special Investigation Prosecution Team to secure Michael Misick’s return to the TCI by due process of law.”

Mr. Misick has made numerous claims that he wished to return home and that there was no reason for police to issue an extradition request to Brazil where the former Turks premier is currently imprisoned.

In attempts to communicate with various sources in the Turks and Caicos Islands press, Mr. Misick has written letters from his prison cell claiming – among other things – that Britain is seeking to take down leaders of overseas territories who “seek independence”.

Turks and Caicos Islands Attorney General Huw Shepheard issues a lengthy response last week to Mr. Misick’s letters.

“Mr. Misick is the subject of an extradition request made lawfully and properly, in accordance with the relevant treaty in place between the UK and Brazil, as extended to the Turks and Caicos Islands,” Mr. Shepheard said. “He is currently being held in accordance with the terms of this treaty, under a provisional warrant of arrest. Supporting documentation will be provided by the TCI authorities in January within the required 60 days from arrest.”

Mr. Shepheard said the decision whether or not to hold Mr. Misick in prison was solely a matter for the Brazilian authorities, although it was clear that their decision to do so indicated they felt Mr. Misick was a “high flight risk”, he said. Mr. Misick was also free to challenge any extradition request from Britain or the Brazilian government’s decision not to issue political asylum to the former Turks premier.


  1. I think Misick missed the mark when he said that the UK Foreign Office conspires with the spy agencies to take down leaders that seek Independence for their countries. Far from it.

    Rather, I sincerely purport that they conspire to do whatever they can to prevent the OTs from reaching the stage of self-governance by ensuring their economies remain weak. That way, they would still have power over the OTs and not be challenged.

    Caymanians need to open their eyes and take a look at our ailing economy. The UK FCO want us to be at a level where they can always have a control over us – what better way than ensuring our economy and ability to self-govern is not strong?

  2. Our deposed Premier should be sent to the Turks Caios after he is convicted and they could share the same cell. They would have a lot to talk about for a little while. Then Mac would get on his nerves.

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