Suspected burglar escapes from police

Police are hunting a suspected burglar who escaped from police custody in Bodden Town.

Jeff Pandohie Powell, 44, from Bodden Town, was arrested on 21 January, on suspicion of a burglary that occurred in the Savannah area on 11 January.

Following his arrest, the suspect, known locally as Jeff Pandohie, escaped from police custody while being processed at Bodden Town police station.

The Caymanian Compass questioned the RCIPS about the escape and the burglary investigation on Friday and Saturday of last week, but received no response.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has launched an enquiry into the circumstances surrounding his escape. The Compass was informed that two police officers were assaulted in that incident, but police did not confirm those reports last week.

Police said in a statement released Wednesday, nine days after his arrest, that there had been concerted efforts by officers in “several operations in the area” to find the suspect, but he had not yet been taken back into custody.

He was last seen by a member of the public  in Cumber Avenue, Bodden Town, Tuesday afternoon when it was reported that he was in possession of a knife.

He is described as being approximately 5ft 9in in height, dark complexion and of slim build. He weighs about 160 pounds and has low cut hair.

Acting Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks is urging anyone who knows of Pandohie’s current whereabouts not to approach him, but to contact the police immediately by calling 911.



  1. What I would suggest is that the police watch certain areas between 2 and 4 am. in the morning. That is the time these people are on the move. Why is,nt the police lurking as they would say, in known areas. They do not want to catch him.

  2. Only when the individuals are caught and charged with assault on a police officer and escape and the court adds time to their sentence will this foolishness end.

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