Editorial for 01 February: Positive things afoot in Cayman

A lot of time has been spent recently, as you would expect
during an election year, discussing the challenges facing Cayman in the

To be sure, the local economy, unemployment, immigration
reform and crime are causing problems these days.

However, we note that one need look no further than the
pages of this very publication to see that several positives about the Cayman
Islands are beginning to emerge. 

Property sales last year are significantly up from the
doldrums of 2010, both in number of transfers and in value. 

Three hotel chains have expressed interest in starting up
new operations here, according to Tourism Minister Cline Glidden.

It seems a number of local political leaders are now
supporting the prospect of having a public referendum on casino gambling.

Whether you support such a plan or not, allowing people to
have a voice in important national issues can never be wrong and we’re glad to
see it.

A number of high-profile, accomplished and intelligent
individuals are tossing their hats into the ring ahead of the May general

Again, no matter what individuals or political parties you
lean toward, it is gratifying to see so much interest from so many qualified
folks in our political process.

As of 31 December, Cayman’s public sector budget is running
an operating deficit, but expenses for the public service are lower than
expected and revenues are higher than expected. It’s been a long, long time, it
seems, since we could make that claim. Let’s hope government keeps it up.
Significant developments like the East End hospital project and Cayman
Enterprise City are well under way.

There are many reasons for believing the Cayman Islands is
on the right track toward recovery and economic success.

It is our desire that those seeking office in the May
elections run informative, positive campaigns and address the important issues
facing the Cayman Islands.



  1. I guess you could say there are some green shoots of possibilities – but we still have a long way to go before we can harvest a full crop. The lead up before the election on all the issues and the post election implementation of promises by elected officials will indeed be very interesting with regards Cayman’s longer term future.

  2. Thanks Compass, Bad news gets so much attention these days. It’s great that you take the time out to focus on the good. I have read so many positive articles that you report on such as bright young Caymanians doing their thing and the great developments coming to light. It always serves to keep my faith in Cayman strong. Please keep this up so people realize how much good there is on your great Island.

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