Inmate found with ganja loses television privilege

Allan Dolan Barnett was sentenced on Thursday for possession of ganja inside Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward. 

Defence attorney John Furniss said prison authorities had already imposed a penalty in that Barnett, 59, had been housed in “F Wing, where considerable privileges are afforded”. He was there partly because of his good behaviour and partly because of a request by a medical doctor, Mr. Furniss said. 

In F Wing, Barnett had a small television as part of his privileges. But he has now lost that because he was moved back to B Wing with the general prison population. 

Barnett pleaded guilty to having 13.1 grams [under half an ounce] of the illegal substance on 6 September. 

Crown Counsel Renuka Rambhajan told the court that a prison officer observed Barnett with a bulge in his waist. He instructed Barnett to hand over whatever the item was. Barnett gave him an orange medicine bottle and a black plastic bag. Both contained vegetable matter that was later tested and shown to be ganja. 

Barnett told the officer he had found the items on the compound and he intended to smoke the ganja. 

Mr. Furniss said Barnett was already serving a rather lengthy sentence – seven years, imposed in November 2011 for possession of cocaine with intent to supply. 


  1. TELEVISION PRIVILEGE ? The next thing will be that there is no Room Service for meals., or the inmates will not be able to put their shoes outside their cells at night for cleaning ! Eric Bush should watch the films Cool Hand Luke, or Shawshank Redemption to get some guidelines on how prisons should be run for serious offenders.

  2. The really disconcerting factor is that if you can’t keep drugs out of prison, then how effective can authorities be containing the flow of drugs to the island at large?

    Seems to me there is no repect or fear of punishment while serving their punishment, must be a comfortable environment.

    You know smoke a few joints, eat some food, watch a little TV.

  3. My dog received a scratch on his neck yesterday. Since this story is not very interesting, I will keep my dog’s name in the clear. Maybe, you should have done same with your story.

  4. How many small TV’s does the prison have? Who orders and purchases these TV’s? Who pays for these TV’s? Is there a roster on who gets a personal TV?? Are there a stack of TV’s available for members of Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward and they are doled out to certain inmates? How about spending that TV money on teaching the prisoners a trade, so they can become working members of the community when they are released?????

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