Ministry: BB gun hidden near school

Police and education officials said Tuesday that a public tip-off averted a potentially dangerous situation at Clifton Hunter High School in Frank Sound.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Education released late Tuesday, the weapon was discovered on 1 February after a student was spotted just outside the school campus “hiding a suspicious object”.

The principal and a school security guard investigated further and found the air gun, which they reported to their community policing officer.

Police later took possession of the BB gun. Disciplinary action, unspecified by the school, was taken against the student. Police are still investigating the matter.

Ministry officials commended the school officials’ actions as well as the “prompt support” of the police.

“The Ministry of Education and the Department of Education Services treats the safety of students as a top priority,” the release stated.


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  1. I thought that possession of a BB gun was legally the same as possession of a pistol and carried a 10 year sentence.

    If they are legal I’d love to buy one to take a shot at those miserable green iguanas that infest our back yard, defecating everywhere.

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