Editorial for 18 February: Where is premier on road deal?

We couldn’t help but notice four of the
five “minority government” ministers braving the media gauntlet last week in
various outlets to announce that the planned road closure along Seven Mile
Beach would be going ahead shortly.

Agree with the ForCayman Investment
Alliance plan or not, one really must hand it to the four gentlemen who
answered pointed and tough questions during a live media briefing Thursday. Two
of them then took to the public airwaves Friday for what former Premier McKeeva
Bush might have called “a flogging” on the issue. 

Whether or not those opposing the
relocation of a portion of West Bay Road truly represent the views of the
majority in Cayman, or if they are simply a vocal group managing to get a lot
of press, is debatable. However, at least Cayman voters now know where four of
the five members of their government stand.

What they might not know is where the
fifth, and arguably the most important, member of the group stands regarding
the ForCayman Investment Alliance deal and, more specifically, whether Premier
Juliana O’Connor-Connolly is supportive of the West Bay Road relocation in the
area of Public Beach. We could presume that, being the second-ranking member of
ex-Premier Bush’s government for the last three and a half years and now
leading a group of ministers who are supporting the development, Ms
O’Connor-Connolly does indeed back the plan.

Yet that would be an assumption since Ms
O’Connor-Connolly was not present during the media briefings when the road
closure was discussed. Obviously, the premier’s time is valuable and she has
many places [on three islands] to be.

However, we can’t help but feeling that the
premier has been rather absent on this issue. We believe she should state
whether or not she supports the development project on Seven Mile Beach as
proposed by Dart Realty Cayman Ltd and the investment alliance.

Furthermore, Ms O’Connor-Connolly, and all
hopefuls in the upcoming election, should start preparing responses on this
issue because the deal proposed by the alliance is far reaching and will likely
be with us for some time. The question is not going away.



  1. Do not expect JuJu to stick her head above the parapet on any controversial issues before the election. The last thing she is going to do is demonstrate publicly a stance on any controversial issue which suggests she disagrees with bush. The whole crossing the floor in the LA by JuJu, and her acceptance of the Premiership, was just another case of smoke and mirrors – possibly orchestrated ? JuJu will not undermine Bush’s position on any existing issues, and after the election will sitting side by side with him in whatever roles they both may have.

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