God does not sleep

Although it might be the truth that the recent crackdown on the beach vendors on SMB might have been delayed from January 1st, 2013, is it also possible that the pressure being put on those same people to cease and desist or face a fine of $5,000 or imprisonment of 12 months, might be due to the fact that the closure of the road accessing the Public Beach, (now Dart’s property), will take place in the next three to four weeks and Dart is now pressuring the Government to get the vendors off his property – which in my opinion and that of many others, should still be the property of the Cayman Islands government and the people of these islands?

I am not saying that vendors anywhere should not have a Trade & Business license; it is the law and if they are not exempted, then certainly they should abide by the law. However, where are the members of the Trade and Business Board, or the employees? Where is the Immigration Department? Do they not drive along Eastern Avenue? I am fairly certain that all those people on the road side do not have T&B licenses, and yet some have been there for years and new ones are “springing up” consistently; selling on the road side and even out of their cars. Most, if not all of these people, are not Caymanians.

I would hedge a bet that if Dart decided to buy up all of Eastern Avenue as he seemingly has decided to do with Seven Mile Beach, those vendors would get cease and desist notices very quickly!

I am not a Dart hater; I am a Cayman lover. I enjoy Camana Bay and love relaxing there whenever I can. However, the closure of the SMB road goes against the grain of everything I believe in. It is our heritage and like Esau in the Bible we have now sold out a part of our birthright. Someone told me a few days ago that it was a good thing that Dart had bought the Public Beach and is building a hotel there, because “we” would be able to go there and spread out our beach towels. I replied that we can go spread our beach towels on the Public Beach now. The reply was that we wouldn’t have all those nice facilities to enjoy. Seriously?? Enjoy the facilities without being a paying guest? I for one am not saving my beach towels to spread out there, but I guess I’d better buy a bicycle as I understand he is closing our road and giving us a walking/biking path as that will provide better exercise for us. Always thinking of the Cayman people!

I sincerely hope that the candidates who the people of the Cayman Islands elect this year will be “for the people” and not for “self”. We need leaders with integrity and who can stand up to scrutiny. It would do them all good to remember that we are not under a dictatorship rule and as the old saying goes – ‘time is longer than rope’. God does not sleep nor slumber. I will be casting my votes very carefully in May 2013.

Patsy Rowan (Bodden)


  1. No offense, but the argument that a road is part of your heritage and birthright is ridiculous. How many years has West Bay Road been in place. 100? 500? Or less than 20? When it was first paved, I’m sure there were people complaining that the dirt road was their birthright and that like Esau in the Bible people were selling out their birthright of dirt roads.

    What exactly do you believe in that the closure of West Bay Road goes against? Do you believe progress is bad? Do you believe government can’t sell land?

    You obviously don’t believe that people who bicycle should have a safe place to ride. I guess you only believe that government should make decisions based on your specific, personal likes/dislikes, not on what others may enjoy or what may keep people safe.

    If you are a Cayman lover, then think about what’s best for Cayman. Is it ensuring that a road does not move? Is that really important? Or is it engaging in activities that improve the landscape of the islands while at the same time boosting the economy?

    I think your point is correct that government needs to be for the people. The problem is that people only think of themselves when trying to apply that. What is better for Cayman — keeping one road in tact, or engaging in a new construction and development project that will give hundreds of people jobs for years to come, and inject tens of millions of dollars into the local economy? It seems pretty obvious to me which is better for the people.

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