Dwene Ebanks declares for West Bay

More than 75 people gathered Wednesday night to witness Dwene Ebanks’ declaration to run for the district of West Bay.

Joined by the Committee to Elect Dwene Ebanks, the evening began with a word of prayer by Laura Jackson-Ebanks, the National Song, and as a special treat – a fresh and original rap tribute from Derrick Simpson AKA Lil’ Cinco. Jill Ebanks introduced Dwene by detailing how he has served his community in different capacities and set the foundation for his message of hope for all West Bayers – the power of one.

Citing historic greats such as Mr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and Ms Annie Huldah Bodden, Dwene dispatched the idea that independents, (i.e. lone candidates), were ineffective.

“The power of one is no less [effective] today than it has been in the past. How dare our representatives dictate and try to usurp the collective wisdom of thousands of West Bayers calling for change. Your vote matters, your choice matters, you matter.” said Mr. Ebanks.

In his message, Dwene called for “new leadership and a new kind of politics. One that seeks to understand your interests, respects your wishes, and [one] that stands for you at the table.”

Laying the foundation for his manifesto, Dwene offered his ideas on giving life back to West Bay through strategies of labour, education and community development with a focus on the elderly, nation building through the arts and economic development with a focus on small businesses.

Mr. Ebanks encouraged the audience to “embrace the courageous legacy” of their forefathers.

“We can’t afford to re-elect politicians so focused on the next election when in office that we lose another generation to crime and hopelessness. [Politicians who have become] disconnected and uncaring about their dynamic heritage and abrogate their charge to civic and communal obligations. I say no…look up there is a different way….there is a natural mystic blowing through the air…look up, help is on the way. Tell your friends and family you are doing your part and voting smart.”

At the end of the event, Mr. Ebanks mingled with members of the audience and media to directly answer questions about his run for office and his views on the myriad issues facing the West Bay community and by extension, the entire Cayman Islands.

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