Another Rock Iguana Dead in Cayman Brac

Another endangered Sister Islands Rock Iguana has been killed on Cayman Brac, causing the Department of Environment to urge drivers to pay special attention to the road and adhere to the speed limits.

The iguana, affectionately known as Charlie, was killed by a car on Bluff Road, on 5 February.

Charlie is one of six iguana fatalities that have occurred in the past 15 months.

Rock Iguanas, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded animals. They rely on the sun to heat their bodies, to digest their food and to move from one place to another. The newly paved asphalt provides a perfect place for them to bask. Sadly, the rate at which they are being killed prevents them from learning the consequences of being on the road.

The Sister Islands Rock Iguanas are critically endangered (IUCN Red List, 1996). There are now less than 100 known breeding individuals remaining.

These animals are unique to the Sister Islands and the DoE asks that everyone do their part to help protect our endemic species and prevent them from becoming extinct.

Below is a map of the road kill sites as of February 11, 2013. The numbers refer to tagged iguanas and the ‘unknown’ mark refers to an iguana that was not previously tagged.


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