Alton kicks in $3K for top stars

Young Caymanian Alton Williams is throwing fresh support toward local sports. 

His personal fitness company, Island Physique, is offering $3,000 worth of services to three Cayman Islands national teams. Williams said prospective squads can expect better overall health at the end of three months. 

“Island Physique will be sponsoring teams’ membership fees to boost their athletic performance, conditioning and weight loss goals,” Williams said. “It is a fitness challenge that empowers individuals looking to achieve maximum fitness goals, while competing for incentives.” 

Williams, 28, is a former multi-sport athlete with links to four of Cayman’s focus sports – basketball, track and field, netball and football. The George Town native played for the Rock Hole Fire Ants in division two of Cayman’s national basketball league and competed in the Cayman Islands Netball Association mixed league. 

The son of Judith Douglas and Alton Williams Sr. attempted to be a semipro sprinter in Australia, but was set back due to a hamstring injury. Williams is a former Under-14 national team footballer, who also helped train Academy Sports Club and Swindon Town Football Club talent Sebastian Martinez. 

Williams has said his mission is to get people to appreciate the value of sports. 

“I’ve been into sports from my school days and it has been my thing from day one,” he said. “Sports have been so useful for me that I wanted other people to see the same usefulness I saw. If you expect great things, you have to prepare for them, and that motto goes into everything I do from sports to business.” 

Aside from sponsoring national teams, Williams is looking to benefit nonprofit organisations including the Cayman Islands Red Cross, Meals On Wheels, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association. Between 22 February and 22 March, 20 per cent of all membership fees will go toward those groups. Participants can also take part in a calorie-burning challenge. 

“This is an international calorie-burning challenge,” he said. “When the challenge begins, you will enter your calories burnt into your profile page every 24 hours based on your fitness activity – walking, running, riding, football, flag football, gym exercises/gym-based sports, basketball, you name it.  

“The winner is determined by overall leader board rankings and pictures to show your progress over the next 90 days,” he added. “Platinum members are eligible for cash prize and a monetary donation giveaway to one of the above mentioned nonprofit partners of a total of $3,500. Every participant will receive a certificate of programme completion and a complimentary T-Shirt at the conclusion of the three months.” 


For more information, call Island Physique at 749-8146. 


Rock Hole has featured in local basketball for years.


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