Stop trashing Cayman

Letter to the Editor

I had a group of five women who visited Cayman and asked me to show them a bit of Cayman. I agreed to show them the Cayman Islands in such a way that they would really have a good time and did just that and they really saw the beauty of our Island. 

For several days we went all over Cayman and in the sea also. They really had a good time with lots of photos to remember their trip to the Cayman Islands. 

As we saw the beauty of Cayman, there was something that the five women complained about and that was that they also saw a lot of litter on Grand Cayman. 

The questions was asked of me that made me so ashamed and that was, ‘why does the Island that is so beautiful have so much litter on it?’. 

The only answer that I could give them was that there were also some real nasty people here on Grand Cayman for our real Cayman natives are not really nasty people. 

But some of them have become nasty in these days along with the rest of the nasty people from all over the world that are here with us with their nasty habits. 

Another question was asked, ‘does the Cayman government use the people in the prisons to help keep the Island clean?’. The answer to them from me was that the government has some people that go around on some of the major streets picking up the trash sometimes, but there are not enough people to get rid of the trash on all the streets.  

I was asked to write about this matter of nasty people on Cayman and to ask the people to please stop destroying this beautiful place. 

Maybe if we do not get rid of this problem, tourists like them will stop coming here. 

Still, all in all, they rated Cayman as one of the best places they have ever been and safe. Also, the food was so very, very nice. 

They will be returning back to Cayman in the near future, but hope that we can take steps to clean up the trashy they see all over Cayman that they were so surprised about. 

So to all you very nasty people that are trashing our Island, take time out from making our Island a complete trashy island. People that come here to enjoy their vacation and spend lots of money with us are complaining about our roadside trash, so please stop littering. 

We are the ones that will lose. Although we have fines of $500 for littering, maybe the police can also help out there by enforcing the littering law against people trashing our roadways. 

Remember people, Cayman was one of the cleanest places in the world but is now turning into some kind of dump. 

They even want to put a dump in the first capital. Wake up and stop the madness that is helping to destroy our future and our clean way of life. 


Emile S. Levy 

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