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Grand Cayman

The Cayman Chamber of Commerce is looking for more volunteers to take part in their annual Earth Day Roadside Clean Up. 

This year, the clean up takes place on Saturday, 13 April, from 7 to 10am – so there is still plenty of time to sign up and lend a hand in collecting some of the unsightly and polluting garbage.  

It’s one of the largest organised efforts to keep Cayman clean, attracting more than 1,500 volunteers annually. 

More than 40 locations between West Bay and East End have been chosen so that corporate teams, service clubs and groups of residents can pick a place, and throw themselves into clearing up that section of roadside for a few hours. The clean up starts at 7am, to beat the worst of the heat, and goes on until 10am. 

It doesn’t take long, but it’s necessary and everyone stands to benefit from a cleaner, more beautiful Cayman.  

There’s no charge for participating and the first 800 to sign up will receive a T-shirt, garbage bag, gloves and can attend a brunch at the end of the event.  

It’s all part of the Earth Day activities scheduled in Cayman this year, so consider doing your bit for your community and for the wider environment.  


If you or your business would like to get involved, contact [email protected] 


It takes just a few hours to remove an impressive amount of garbage from the beaches and roadsides.
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  1. This Election year we should have 56 more workers out there.Lets challenge all 56 to come out in teams in the district you running in and WORK TOGETHER if you cant work together picking up garbage well you cant work together in the assembly…

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