Movie night with an environmental theme

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is known for its marine research and conservation efforts, so it’s no surprise that when it holds a movie night, there is an educational theme to the evening.

The institute’s first environmental movie night will be held on Tuesday, 16 April in Little Cayman. It all begins at 8pm with an Earth Week video followed by an environmental movie suitable for all ages. Of course the viewing will be accompanied by popcorn (what movie night is complete without those popped kernels of goodness?) and all are welcome to attend.

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute was founded in 1998 and in 2006 they developed the Little Cayman Research Centre. Their aim was to provide oceanographic facilities that support key research into coral reef stress and to conduct research at a remote site, largely unaffected by local human and development impacts. Little Cayman, the home of the centre, harbours some of the most biologically diverse reef systems on earth. The island therefore affords rich opportunities for research to address global issues such as climate change, marine protection, fisheries management and coral reef stress.

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