Country needs honesty, integrity

As if things are not bad enough here with us in this day and age, but we have some very disrespectful people that want to be the leaders of our great Cayman Islands. 

These people take us for some kind of joke and really do not have any type of real respect for the people of this country. 

Once again we must let the whole world know of just how bad the leadership position can be in these Islands when anyone that commits a crime can try and run for a leadership position in the Cayman Islands. 

We are now trying as hard as we can to get rid of all the criminals we may find out about in the past governments and in doing so, make sure we try our best not to let any more in our government and its future. 

We must make sure no one slips into any of our government that isn’t for the people. We need people who are honest and trustworthy, not some kind of corrupt criminals. The standards for being a leader of our country have dipped too low. 

That is also one of the reasons we have gone astray. 

We can never send someone that doesn’t know how to do the job to teach others how to do the job. 

Too long we have been corrupted by leadership that doesn’t know how to make things better on this Island. We need educated, respectful, honest, dedicated, trustworthy, Godly leaders with love for the people. 

We do not want any more want-to-be leaders messing things up for us here in Cayman. 

The time has come for action. The police say they will arrest anyone that breaks the elections laws and hopefully this will be enforced.  

All in all, I think this may be a big task for them, for we do not have enough court houses or jails to hold all the people that will be guilty of getting something under the table, although I wish them luck. 

They may be better at going after the ones that want to get in office, check them out and see who and what they are all about and that they are really fit to run for office. 

In the meantime, get rid of all those want-to-be leaders that means us no good at all. 


Emile S. Levy 

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