Joey Ebanks makes court appearance

Joey Ebanks had the first of 24 charges against him transmitted to Grand Court Tuesday morning during his first appearance on fraud on theft allegations made against him.

The charges relate to Mr. Ebanks’ course of conduct while he was the managing director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority. Police initially said Mr. Ebanks was charged with 29 counts in all, however only 24 charges were listed on the court docket.

The first charge to be transmitted is obtaining a money transfer by deception, brought under a section of the Penal Code that makes it a Category A offence, which means it is triable only in Grand Court.

Other charges include seven counts for theft, eight for making documents without authority, two for making a false document, four for obtaining property by deception, one for transfer of criminal property. A second charge of obtaining a money transfer by deception is brought under a different section of the law from the first.

The defendant, named on the court list as Joseph Fitzgerald Ebanks, was represented by attorney Fiona Robertson, who told Magistrate Valdis Foldats that attorney Ben Tonner was asking for the matter to be mentioned again on 28 May because he is involved in a lengthy Grand Court trial.

However, because one of the charges must be transmitted “forthwith” to Grand Court, the matter will be mentioned again on Friday, 3 May, in both Grand Court and Summary Court.

Crown Counsel Michael Snape said it would come as no surprise that the Crown would opt for Grand Court for all the charges since they all relate to a position of authority.

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