Online poll: Cruise dock most important

The creation of a cruise berthing facility is the major infrastructure project that respondents to last week’s online poll think has the highest priority.  

Of the 732 total respondents, 327 of them – 44.7 per cent – thought creating a cruise berthing facility was the most needed major infrastructure project.  

“With the cruise facilities the ships will be able to come as they did before, which will bring more money into the economy and also jobs will be available while creating the facilities,” said one person. 

“We are dealing a death blow to a whole industry with cruise ship docks,” said someone else. “The airport isn’t worth expanding; just build a new one in the Eastern districts.” 

“Let’s get this started once and for all, and stop dilly-dallying around,” said another respondent. 

“With a proper bidding process and the early release of attained scores by the tenders to keep the public informed and reduce the risks of impropriety,” commented one person. 

Closing the George Town landfill and establishing a new landfill was the major infrastructure project with the highest priority for 205 – or 28 per cent – of respondents. 

“Several of [the infrastructure projects] are important to the economy, but in addition to helping the economy by facilitating development at Camana Bay, the closing and remediation of the George Town landfill is vital to the future health of the island and its people,” said one person. 

“When the suffocating dump will be mentioned in every TripAdvisor post, it will be too late,” said someone else. 

“It is possible to manage our waste and generate jobs and income,” said another respondent.  

Another 99 people – 13.5 per cent – thought expanding the airport was the major infrastructure project with the highest priority. 

“I work in the airport and too often it’s way too crowded,” said one person. “It needs to be expanded.” 

“I believe the airport is of the highest priority right now,” said someone else. “Who fills the hotels? Not the cruise ship passengers.” 

“When you expand the airport, you don’t need a berthing facility,” commented another person. “More people from long distances will come. They will also spend more money than a cruise ship person because they are here longer than a day.” 

Fifty people – 6.8 per cent – thought the completion of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway to West Bay was the major infrastructure project with the highest priority.  

“It should be a priority to relieve everyday stress of commuters and creating a safe environment by decreasing pollution due to traffic back ups,” said one respondent. 

“Priority should be given to the completion of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway to West Bay and reopening the original West Bay Road with access for all at a slower speed,” said someone else. 

Twenty-two people – 3 per cent – thought completing the East-West Arterial road to East End was the major infrastructure project with the highest priority, but none of them left comments.  

Another 29 people – 4 per cent – responded “other” to the question. 

“All the above with the exception of [completing the East-West Arterial],” said one person. “All the others will enhance Cayman’s critical infrastructure that mak es it competitive with others. A first-class infrastructure is undeniably critical to the future of the country’s economy.” 

“Rehabilitating the GT dump where it is, creating a proper landfill, and putting in place sustainable waste management systems,” said someone else. Several other respondents also thought the current landfill should be dealt with at its current site. 

“Finish John Gray High School,” said another person, a comment which was also made by several others. 

“A new prison,” commented one person. 

“None of these projects should move forward until they are properly tendered,” said someone else. 

“This is no time to be investing in major infrastructure,” said another respondent.  


Next week’s poll question 

Who do you think has the right of way at one of Cayman’s roundabouts? 

The vehicle on the left 

The vehicle approaching on the right 

Whichever vehicle is at a junction first 

Whichever vehicle is the largest 

I have no idea

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