Puppy dog book is full of tales

Oreo the dog is making his book debut with a special appearance at Camana Bay. 

On Saturday, 20 April at 10.30am, Books & Books will be full of laughter and fun for a special story and craft session with Oreo’s friend Juliette Heath. 

“Hello My Name is Oreo: Puppy Dog Tails” is the first in a series of books written from a dog’s perspective, featuring real life issues such as problems facing unwanted puppies and stray dogs. Weekender spoke with Juliette to find out a little more. 

How is Oreo feeling about his Cayman debut?  

Oreo is excited about his Cayman debut, he has been planning this for some time. He is already quite well known in Cayman and a natural superstar! 


How does the artwork and the story come together? 

The artwork was provided by the wonderful Elisaveta Petrova who is currently studying in the UK for her Masters in Animation. All pictures are based off the actual dogs. The pictures in the book highlight specific story lines to enhance the story for the reader’s pleasure. 

What can the youngsters expect from this event? 

There will be a story reading session, followed by a question and answer session and book signing/paw printing! Oreo will be there to meet the children as well as a surprise four legged guest who will arrive after the book reading. Jason from the Cayman Islands Humane Society has agreed to be there to talk to the children as well, since the book highlights the Humane Society and 10 per cent of proceeds are donated to them. 


It is the first in a series; what’s next? 

We are currently about half way through the second in the series, the first book has a “teaser” at the end which is the first few pages of the second book. We anticipate at least eight or so books to make up this series of stories about Oreo and his life in Cayman. We are planning to focus one of the future books on dogs at the Shelter to help highlight them and get them their forever homes. 


What inspired this series? 

Oreo was the true inspiration for this book. Since a pup he has been the gentlest spirited dog. A picture I have of him nose to nose with a baby chick inspired the Series name “Hello my Name is Oreo” since that is what he appeared to be saying! Each Series has a sub title, the first is Puppy Dogs Tails, the second is Oreo’s Tail. 

My love of dogs also inspired this book and the want to educate people about Pitbulls and let people know that all dogs can be good dogs when in the right hands. It is to educate children and also hopefully help them understand a little more about our four legged friends. The book is very light hearted and fun but addresses serious issues. 


The event is free, also featuring a craft session, and starts at 10.30am on Saturday, 13 April. 

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