Living Green in Cayman

Recycle, go solar, avoid plastic, buy local, switch to organic – there are so many ways that each of us can make greener, more environmentally responsible choices. But working out what, realistically, individuals and businesses can do can be overwhelming.  

The Living Green Fair, hosted jointly by the Cayman Islands departments of tourism and environment, is the perfect opportunity to see all the environmentally-friendly products, services and programmes available locally under one roof. 

The annual fair promotes the Cayman Islands Environmental Program for the Tourism Sector, a programme that was initiated to encourage the implementation of environmental best practices and improve the overall environmental performance of attractions, accommodations and suppliers within the tourism industry. The programme is committed to educating government agencies and the private sector on environmentally friendly best practices they can adopt at home and in the work place. 

The fair takes place on Saturday, 20 April at the Lions Centre, from 10am to 4pm. 

Admission is free and it’s a great opportunity for both adults and children to learn more about how they can protect our oceans and wildlife, recycle and reduce waste, and generally tread more lightly on the planet.  



For a small island that has to import almost everything we consume, there are a surprising number of businesses that are working to mitigate the ever-growing mountain of trash and making significant strides toward a greener future.  

From building an energy-efficient home, to driving an electric vehicle, and running your appliances on propane, there are green options in Cayman.  

Find out about recycling printer cartridges, purchasing natural cosmetics, selling scrap metal for cash, and exploring the natural environment in Cayman.  

Learn what organisations like Guy Harvey’s Ocean Foundation and the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, as well as government departments, are doing to protect and preserve Cayman’s natural environment and educate younger generations about the wonders of the natural world.  

Exhibitors for the Living Green Fair include: 

Cayman Automotive  

Department of Tourism 

Department of Environment 

Central Caribbean Marine Institute 

Cobalt Coast 

Tropical Tabs Plumbing 

Recycling Services 

Guy Harvey’s Ocean Foundation 

Small Engineering Ltd 

Department of Environmental Health 

Cartridge Smart 

Ambassadors of the Environment 

Home Gas 

Dart Green Team 

Coco Naturals 

Green Tech 


Green Clean Mobile Car Wash 


Fun Stuff  

The Living Green Fair will be a family day and youngsters will be able to play in the kids zone and make some ecological arts and crafts.  

There will also be a special appearance from one special guest: Sir Turtle. This year he celebrates his 50th birthday – and that qualifies him for TWO parties. Both will take place in the kids’ zone, one at around 12.15pm and the next at around 2.15pm.  

Refreshments will also be served between 11am and 2pm. 



The departments of tourism and environment have partnered with dms Broadcasting to run on-air competitions in the run up to the fair. 

The winners of those competitions, as well as all those who visit the Living Green Fair, will then be entered in a raffle for the grand, green, prize.  

The grand prize is a fantastic eco-trip for two to Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman. Little Cayman is Destination Certified and the Southern Cross is Green Globe Certified, ratings which attest to the island’s and resort’s environmental credentials. 

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