Editorial for 23 April: Election just around corner

As of tomorrow, we will be just four short weeks away from
the 22 May general election.

Thus far, the rhetoric has been the usual, with many
candidates talking about personalities instead of issues.

Yes, there are would-be politicians who are attempting to
address the myriad issues that face the Cayman Islands. But in some instances
they’re being shouted down by those who would rather toss about rumour and
innuendo instead of how the future of our country should be handled.

In today’s Caymanian Compass, our CompassPoint Elections
2013 series takes a look at something that is at the heart of everyone who
lives in the Cayman Islands – the ever-increasing cost of living.

From taking a glance at how the price of a dozen eggs has
jumped 99 per cent in a dozen years to how fuel costs contribute to higher
power bills, Caymanian Compass journalists spoke with candidates about how they
would get a grip on the rising prices of goods and services. Beginning next
week, we talk to individual candidates about the issues they see as most
important in the districts in which they are running. We start off with the
district of George Town and hope that candidates respond to our questions in a
timely manner.

Frankly, we have been somewhat surprised that during efforts
to bring our readers analysis and commentary on these issues, that some of the
candidates – the men and women who want us to put them in office – have failed
for whatever reason to respond to our queries.

With each CompassPoint Elections 2013, we are attempting to
give candidates a voice outside of forums and public meetings. We cannot
reiterate enough how important it is for candidates to let us know how they
will bring solutions to the next government.

While we want candidates to address the issues and are
providing them with the avenues to do that through various Cayman Free Press
publications, we will continue our policy of not running Letters to the Editor
from candidates or their parties. We hope that they will all remember this
before sitting down to put pen to paper.



  1. It is my undersranding that not all politicans have submitted their polital manefesto at this time. With only 4 weeks to the election it ia incredible their manefestos have yet to be submitted to the voters.
    How can this be?

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