Police commissioner’s contract renewed

Baines will remain the Cayman Islands police commissioner until at least


Duncan Taylor announced the four-year contract renewal Thursday afternoon in a
prepared statement.  


believe [Mr. Baines] has done an excellent job in challenging circumstances
over the past four years,” Mr. Taylor said.  


announcing his decision, the governor referenced a “consistent fall in crime
rates” over the last three years, but said there was still much to be done.  


believe Mr. Baines is the right person to build on the foundations he has
laid,” Mr. Taylor said.  


governor’s statement did not indicate whether the four-year contract, which
takes effect when Mr. Baines’ current deal expires on 1 June, was put out to
tender. However, in reaching the decision, Mr. Taylor said he did consult with
civil society representatives on the Cayman Islands National Security Council,
Dan Scott and Brigitte Kirkconnell-Shaughness.  


Baines said: “We have come a long way in four years.” 


Cayman Islands recorded its lowest rates of murder and robbery in five years
during 2012, the last year for which crime statistics are available.  


serious crimes and violent crimes declined significantly between 2011 and 2012,
according to police statistics.  


recent months, Mr. Baines and his command staff have seen a litany of complaints
and legal action filed by current and former officers regarding various work place
disputes. The police service has also failed to put in place an independent
public complaints system as required by the Police Law, 2010.  




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  1. What we have to put up with David Baines for another 4 years…?

    His contract was probably renewed the same way Duncan Taylor got his…unknown to anyone that this was taking place? No advertisements either?

    The nerve…I believe Mr. Baines has done an excellent job in challenging circumstances over the past four years, Mr. Taylor said. What? Are you kidding me; he (Baines) has done a good a job as you have which has been nothing but to let Cayman and its people down!! Good to have buddies in high places!

    New Government (23 May 2013) who ever you are, please have this rescinded for Baines and get rid of Taylor as soon as possible.