Editorial for 06 May: Crowded shelter unacceptable

Sometimes when we write editorials it feels
like we’re beating the same tired drum.

But when issues are addressed and they
continue to be ignored, we will keep beating the drum.

The Cayman Islands Humane Society has to be
given credit for putting into words what we’ve championed all along; putting
down animals in their care when the shelter becomes too overcrowded.

But we have to wonder why there aren’t
already measures place to ensure that overcrowded conditions don’t occur in the
first place.

There are dogs, and probably cats, that
have been at the Humane Society shelter for years living in cramped conditions.

In the very words of shelter management,
“It is recognised that a crowded shelter not only adversely affects the staff
and volunteers but the animals as well, resulting in stress and aggression.
This leads to injuries and expensive unnecessary vet bills from already
stretched shelter funds.”

The overcrowded conditions aren’t doing
anyone any good. To help alleviate the problem, the shelter is offering
half-price adoptions.

If you are an animal lover and don’t want
to see any of these potential pets put down, go to the shelter on the corner of
North Sound Road and Sound Way and find your new best friend.

If you are an animal owner and haven’t had
your pet spayed or neutered, do it now. If you fail to do this and your animals
roam free, then you are part of the problem at the Humane Society.

In a perfect world, everyone would own a
pet and ensure that they are spayed and neutered, unless they are being bred
and make sure they are taken care of with the right diet, exercise and love.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect
world and there are many people in the Cayman Islands who have dogs and cats
that are left free to roam.

Too many dogs – both feral and owned –
harass walkers, joggers and bicyclists throughout Grand Cayman; in many cases
causing injury to humans.

In the other extreme, some dogs are left to
suffer all day in the hot sun at the end of a chain.

Pet ownership isn’t a right, it’s a



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