Errington Webster, Bodden Town independent

Editor’s note: Mr. Webster’s comments on the most important issues to Bodden Town district in the upcoming election did not run as scheduled. This is the full text of his initial response. 

Waste Management Facility: 

The waste management system (dump) is a major issue for the Cayman Islands. I do believe that the Cayman Islands needs to find a new method of dealing with our waste and I agree that a structured waste management system should be installed. However, a free, open and transparent discussion is needed between the various government departments and authorities – a discussion that shares needed knowledge of the effects of both moving the dump and keeping it in its current location; and most importantly, the voices of the people of these beloved Islands should remain an active part of the discussion in order to ensure that whatever is done, is done in the best interest for the country AND its people. Any developer or company who stands to gain in any way from the proposal should not be involved in the decision making process. 



More emphasis needs to be placed on elementary and secondary school education, as we need to ensure that our youths are properly prepared for tertiary education. Accordingly, we need to make the necessary provisions for an additional primary school for the Bodden Town district to facilitate the growing population. Furthermore, a trade school system with a mixture of Caribbean and other nationalities based teachers should be established at the Clifton Hunter High School allowing our youths to become skilled in areas that would enable them to obtain and maintain employment in the vocational and technical fields, as well as increase the probability of them becoming entrepreneurs in those fields. In addition, we need to continue to enhance our scholarship programme in order to further enrich the level of education for our current and future generations. Moreover, we cannot forget our teachers. If education is said to be important for our youths, then motivating teachers should be a priority. Sports players around the world are highly compensated, yet many people say that education is more important. Cayman, let’s not follow the world with this way of thinking. 

Go-East Initiative:  

The Go-East initiative should include but not be limited to: 

The planned highway through Bodden Town based on the proposed Master Ground Transportation Plan. 

The development of a guide centre. 

The development of a trade school at the Clifton Hunter High School supported by the private sector. 

The establishment of a structured district council with a vision plan (in conjunction with a national development plan) made up of small community team leaders from within the district. 

The development of an amateur or semipro Grand Prix. 

The establishment of a 24-hour health care service in Bodden Town.  


Social Development:  

Establishment of a structured district council made up of small community team leaders from within the Bodden Town district to enhance community spirit, crime prevention and safety.  


Dependable Representation:  

Bodden Towners need MLAs to be more involved in the community affairs of the district. This consistent involvement will give its citizens better opportunities to become and remain a part of the decision making process regarding the affairs of the district and country.