North Side district issues

It’s a battle of the independents in North Side with incumbent Ezzard Miller facing a challenge from Joey Ebanks. 

Here, we take a look at some of their plans for the district. 


Ezzard Miller  

Improved services for the elderly and a revival of community spirit are among the goals of long-serving North Side legislator Ezzard Miller. 

Running for re-election in the district, independent candidate Mr. Miller is putting a new focus on the elderly. 

He believes a fully equipped and staffed daycare centre for senior citizens is an achievable goal within the next four years. 

“The most important issues for North Side are the continued rekindling of our caring community spirit, looking out for our senior citizens and the restoration of hope and ambition in our young people.” 

He said he would focus on, “the continued creation of opportunities to succeed for our children and encouraging them to be productive members of our community and the maintenance of our morals, ethics and principles, which are constantly being eroded and replaced by new measurements of material success.” 

“We need to be our brother’s keeper and to love and care for our neighbours and their children as if they were our own.” 

Mr. Miller said funding would need to be allocated to expand programmes for the elderly in his district. 

Elaborating on his ideas, he told Chamber magazine: “I would like to address the improvement of services available for the elderly, principally to provide a range of social programmes that can be accommodated in facilities that already exist. 

“These programmes would involve greater interaction between the seniors as mentors and the young people and more social interaction among seniors. 

“There already exists a bi-weekly programme where seniors enjoy fellowship and a hot meal but this needs funding to allow for expansion to at least five days a week.” 

Another achievable goal for the next few years is improved standards in local schools, Mr. Miller told the Compass. 

“Another goal is the continued advancement of the North Side Primary school to make it the best primary in the Cayman Islands and the full integration of the Clifton Hunter High School into a community learning and performance centre.” 

He also highlighted the development of a district council with increased participation in the governance of North Side and the Cayman Islands as a priority. 

Running on a platform of “integrity, progress and accountability”, Mr. Miller has highlighted toughening anti-corruption legislation as a national goal. 

Asked what personal qualities he brought to the role, he added: “The qualities I bring to the role of MLA are inclusive leadership by example, high ethical and moral standards that are founded on the lessons I was taught in Sunday School and church.  

“I also bring a strong work ethic and a passion to represent North Side and look out for Cayman with no blind ambition to be promoted beyond that role from my southeast corner of the Legislative Assembly. I support and promote the rule of law and have a total intolerance for corruption and incompetence.” 


Joey Ebanks  

North Side Independent candidate Joey Ebanks has outlined a four-year plan for the district and promised voters a recall option if he fails to deliver. 

He said his development plan for the district would aid North side youth and senior citizens, aid the beautification of the district, build tourism and economic growth, improve hurricane readinesss and develop ‘human capital.’ 

Mr. Ebanks has outlined a detailed plan for the district including bringing three new boutique hotels to North Side, building a new senior’s home and establishing six new small businesses. 

These are his goals for the district: 


Year 1  

Reduce unemployment by 60 per cent 

Provide low income housing through a public/private agreement. 

Introduce new after-school programmes 

Introduce retooling and skill development programme. 

Conduct hurricane preparedness training with North Side volunteers.  

Identify three to four people as potential successors. Staff MLA office with them and in addition to funding provisions already in place for MLA office, secure sufficient additional funding for their income and operations. 

Position North Side and East End Primary Schools for International Baccalaureate certification. 

Create a disaster recovery programme focusing on schools and independence.  

He said: “Having identified the need for low income housing I have secured a Caymanian with North Side connections to fund these, once we have qualified persons under the government initiative requirements, we will build for those qualified persons.” 


Year 2  

Design and build a cooperative mechanic shop/garage to be used by the mechanically gifted residents of North Side as a source of income. 

Have quarterly events to promote North Side and allow for small business development. 

Obtain funding for six small businesses: Deep sea and reef fishing, bicycle rentals, Mastic Trail tours, green house farming and jet ski rentals. 

Secure a minimum of six scholarships: Two business degree scholarships. Two tourism related scholarship, two engineering degree or technician programmes.  

Complete beautification plan. 

Continue to develop and mentor future elected members. 

He said: “While year one was focused on the development of the skills, year two is focused on the development of infrastructure to utilise those skills.” 


Year 3  

Securing funding and business plan for first of three North Side owned and operated boutique hotels. 

Interior road development of New Man Bay. 

Have potential successors develop North Side initiatives with district council. 

Distance myself from district council to allow unbiased democratic process of candidate selection to occur. 

Increase of street lighting for the district. 

Summer School programmes for the districts of East End and North Side. 

“I am proposing we now commence the development of a larger scale infrastructure, additional roads and tourism infrastructure to secure jobs and wealth for the North Side people,” he said. 


Year 4  

Design and build senior citizens home. 

Rollout North Side marketing plan through department of tourism. 

Call for nominations of candidates through the district council. 

Have internal voting for candidates. 

Adhere to results of secret ballot vote to select candidates through district council driven process. 

Unveil the next four-year plan as the candidate or with the preferred candidate to ensure district division does not occur. 

He said: “During year four we will have completed the majority of the low income houses, have the small businesses that commenced in year two flowing, the interior road infrastructure will be under way and we will have commenced the development of the boutique hotels.