Man, woman bailed on firearm charge

Magistrate warns against contact with complainant, including social media

José Guadelupe Sanchez, 26, was granted bail on Tuesday after he appeared in Summary Court on a charge of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit an offence. He is also accused of threatening violence to a named individual.  

The charge refers to an imitation weapon because no firearm was recovered. 

Sanchez was arrested after an incident on Friday night, 3 May, outside the Club Inferno in West Bay. Also arrested, but bailed by police, was Chelsea Ann Bush, 20. 

Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn bailed them both to return to court on Tuesday, 14 May. 

Crown Counsel Marilyn Brandt asked for a condition of bail that the defendants not contact the complainant. 

Ms Brandt told the court that Sanchez and the complainant were known to each other. They exchanged words and Sanchez allegedly boxed the other man. 

According to the complainant’s statement, Sanchez then ran to Bush and asked for the thing, or where was the thing. 

Bush was said to take out a long, fat, black gun, which Sanchez then pointed in the face of the complainant, who pushed it away. This happened twice. 

Afterwards, police were called and they attended the scene. Searches were carried out but no gun was recovered. Officers also conducted a gunshot residue test, but do not yet have any results, Ms Brandt said. 

The magistrate was not satisfied that Sanchez’ liberty had to be curtailed while on bail, so she did not accept the recommendation for a curfew. To suggest that Sanchez and the other man might cross paths in a night club was not sufficient reason, she indicated, since they could just as easily cross paths during the day. 

She did agree to the condition of no contact with the complainant and warned that this was not just a physical restriction: “No e-mail, no texting, no Facebook, no Blackberry messages, no contact by anybody else on your behalf.”  

Bush, who was given the same non-contact condition, did not have an attorney. The magistrate advised her that if she did intend to instruct one, she should bring him along next week.  

Sanchez was represented by Guy Dillaway-Parry. 

Cayman Islands Courthouse - palm tree

The Law Courts Building in downtown George Town. – Photo: File

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