Be home for mobile polling

More than 700 voters take advantage of home service, static stations

Voters who applied to cast their ballot at home need to be home when poll workers arrive, Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said last week. 

Polling teams have a tight schedule, he said, and they will not be able to go back to a house if the voter is not there.  

The Elections Law was amended in 2009 to provide mobile polling for registered voters unable or unlikely to be able to go to their polling station because of physical incapacity. In these cases, a mobile polling station will go to them at their residence, rest home or hospital. What has happened in some past cases, Mr. Gomez said, is that the voter left home to go to the district clinic or a relative had taken the voter on an outing. 

This year, Election Office workers have been contacting individuals and giving them the approximate time that poll workers will arrive. The Planning Department has assisted by figuring out the most efficient routes. 

Agents, candidates and observers may attend at mobile polling, but Mr. Gomez advised that some locations will be small rooms in small houses that cannot accommodate everyone.  

The second category of registered voters who applied for mobile polling includes people who will be unable or likely to be unable to go to their assigned polling station on Election Day – 22 May – because of the nature of their occupation, service or employment. Voters in this category go to a static station in their district.  

Mobile polling takes place from 8am to 6pm. 

Monday, 13 May, is the date for North Side, where 24 people have applied to have a polling team come to them, while eight others will visit a static station at the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre. 

Mobile polling takes place in East End the same day. There were 36 applications for home visits in this district. Seven voters should go to the static station at the William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre.  

Bodden Town does its mobile polling on Tuesday, 14 May. The static station at James M. Bodden Civic Centre should attract 95 voters, while 54 others receive home visits. 

George Town’s day is Wednesday, 15 May. The Elections Office trailer parked at Smith Road Centre is for 117 voters, while 92 receive home visits.  

Thursday, 16 May, is West Bay, where 147 voters have applied for a polling team to come to them. The static station is at the Elections Office’s polling trailer by the West Bay Public Library for the 34 voters who applied.  

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman kicked off the mobile polling on Friday, 10 May. There were 38 home visits in Cayman Brac, with 28 voters attending the Aston Rutty Centre; 24 voters in Little Cayman attended the Public Works employees’ quarters. 

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