Better police force needed

For some time now we have been hearing about police investigations into misconduct and abuse of power by officers in our police force. 

We know that one investigation cost the people of these Islands millions and still we have not gotten to the bottom of that one. 

Many police on our force are only there to collect money by any means, being a part of the problem instead of doing what they were put there to do. 

We find that sometimes they go on and so bad that they are asked to leave the service. We even have police that drive taxis and are part of the tourist trade. Some are also working in other positions beside their police jobs. 

Now we have police taking other policemen to court instead of doing their police jobs. Many of them are trying to get all the money they can get. This is one of the reasons they cannot find missing people on Cayman and are now being bashed by John Public when you hear of police being hurt by other police and court charges are filed against the leadership of the police department. 

Something is really wrong. We have a breakdown in the police service. This will only send a direct signal to all that are involved with crime to step up their criminal actions for the police are too busy trying to make as much money on the side as they can and too busy fighting each other. 

It seems as if we have a very divided police force. I guess because most of them are from different parts of the world and the Caymanian police in most cases are the ones that have to take orders from these police that are not Caymanians. This may be one of the problems that may effect that department. 

When you have someone that comes here that doesn’t know our people, that cannot help out properly, that may be dishonest and is afraid of such things as the dark at night, snakes, frogs and do not know anything about our Islands, that can only drive around in air conditioned cars and collects money in many different ways; we have someone with us on Cayman that will add to our problems. 

They can only help to tear us down. Honestly, we need to take a very good look at the police department we have today and the amoung of money we carelessly put into their hands to do a job many of them are failing at.  

Now, to all the good police that are in the service, please do not think that I am bashing you; just the ones that are not real honest police and are here on our Islands just for the money. 

For those that are Caymanians and part of the crime and greed, you are worse than the ones from the outside world. 

Members of government are being put before the courts for things the police said they did, well we also would like to see fairness. 

It is a crying shame to hear what is going on around us here on our once upon a time crime free and peaceful Islands. 

Policemen on Cayman, you are helping to bring shame to our Islands. Try helping to get rid of crime and also with finding people that just seem to vanish in thin air on Cayman. If you are part of the problem, then remove yourself from the police force ASAP before the whole John Public turns against the police department. 

Police must only do police work; maybe if they did, we would have a better police force on Cayman. 


Emile S. Levy 


  1. Remember that the Police are first of all human, have families, buy groceries, may well attend church, and are like the vast majority of the people they are to protect. They also start off their careers as idealists who are going to make a career of helping the rest of us. Then they meet us or a sub-group of us who drink to much, drive to fast, don’t want to work, go to school, or obey the laws of the land because they are silly and we are so much smarter. We may not even obey our parents or relatives that urge us to behave and to be decent members of society. The usis soon becomes the only people they interact with and they concept of helping others erodes away. They see how the fire service is loved by all because they get cats out trees, take relatives to hospital, and generally things get better after they show up to interact with us. We all appreciate and love them. The Police not so much. They interrupt our journey, cost us money in Court, interfere with our fun, and generally make us responsible for our actions as did our parents.
    The point of all this is that we all get up in the morning and assume we will work or play that day and all expect to return to bed that night. We are all together on beautiful islands so lets do our thing together, respect each others right to the freedoms allowed under the law, and be happy in seeing all of us grow as humans together.

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