Sentencing adjourned for CNB robbery

Five men who stood trial for the June 2012 robbery of a Cayman National Bank branch have had their sentencing adjourned after they were found guilty on Thursday afternoon. 

The men are David Tomassa, Rennie Cole, George Mignott, Ryan Edwards and Andre Burton. 

After the unanimous guilty verdicts, defence attorneys requested the matter of sentencing be adjourned until Friday. On Friday, defence counsel advised Justice Alexander Henderson that they were not ready for sentencing. They asked for a mention date later this month. 

A sixth man pleaded guilty in another court before the trial began and he is also awaiting sentence. 

The men were charged with stealing CI$502,436.17 from the CNB at Buckingham Square on West Bay Road and putting people in fear of being subjected to force. 

They were also found guilty of possessing imitation firearms with intent to commit robbery. 

Edwards was found guilty on a separate charge of removing criminal property from the Cayman Islands. This charge referred to CI$37,205 in cash, being proceeds from the robbery. 

Although a jury in a robbery trial is typically seven people, Justice Henderson employed a section of the Judicature Law that empowers him to order that 12 jurors should form the array. He said he was doing so because of the complexity of the case and expected length of the trial. 

The matter was heard by five men and seven women. All of their verdicts were unanimous. 


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