Conyers scramble Logic feeds

In the final games of the regular season of the Pony Division, Conyers firmly established their dominance with another overpowering display, racking up 121 runs in 10 games.  

Kirk Freeport also made sure of second place, earning the players from those two teams a week off when the playoffs start this Saturday, 18 May. Conyers and Kirk Freeport have a bye in the first round of the playoffs and begin their title hunt in the semifinals next Saturday, 25 May. 

Conyers wrapped up a near flawless regular season last Saturday at the Field of Dreams with a convincing 18-3 win over Team Logic. Conyers’ player of the game was Aidan Montana, who led the team with two singles and a double at the plate and was a defensive stalwart with numerous plays that resulted in outs.  

The Atkinson brothers, Dylan and Luke, both added two clutch home runs in the first inning that helped Conyers distance themselves from Logic early in the game. Luis Clarke was his dominant self, providing big outs and big hits when needed to help Conyers cap off an undefeated regular season.  

Coldwell Banker captured a hard fought victory over Appleby by a final score of 10-6. Coldwell started strong by recording four runs in the first inning, including a three run home-run by Immanuel Duran. Appleby responded with three runs of their own to keep the game tight. Each team posted three more runs in the second inning leading to a 7-6 score going in to the third and final inning.  

Some girl power was shown during the match by Appleby as three of their six runs were made by each of the three girls on the team, giving the crowd something to go crazy for in the cheering section of the bleachers.  

Coldwell’s Jemilla Frederick started the final frame on the right foot with a lead-off single and Coldwell was able to post a total of three runs during the last inning. Appleby was then shut out during their final at-bats, allowing Coldwell to secure the win. 

Offensive stand outs for Coldwell Banker were Demae Lee and Mateo Cavallero, who each went three for three with three runs scored. Great defensive efforts were shown by Coldwell’s Luke Novak, Jadon Jimenez and especially Mateo Cavallero who also received player of the game honours. 

The relay race, as always, was the highlight of the morning with great athletic ability and tight base running for both teams. In the third game, Kirk Freeport edged out HSBC, 9-8. 

The final regular season standings would see 9-0-1 Conyers, 6-3-1 Kirk Freeport and 4-4-2 HSBC lead the pack. Coldwell Banker, 4-6, Appleby, 2-6-2, and team Logic, 2-8 round out the rankings. Conyers scored 121 runs while conceding 77, giving them a run differential of +44. Kirk Freeport notched 95 runs while surrendering 64 for a +31 run differential. 

HSBC scored 84 runs, gave up 79 for a +5 differential. Coldwell Banker scored 95, gave up 102 for a -7 run differential. Appleby scored 71 runs, allowed 88 and were -17 with Logic scoring 53 runs and giving up 115 to stand at -62. 


The first round of playoff games will take place this Saturday at 10 am. Logic will be away to HSBC while Appleby is away to Coldwell Banker. 

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