Editorial for 16 May: Of Cayman's reputation

Cayman’s international reputation could be on tenterhooks if
government doesn’t meet its legal obligations with Dart when it comes to the
closure of a section of West Bay Road along Seven Mile Beach.

Dart Realty’s Chief Operating Officer Jackie Doak said as
much after listening to government members in a press conference on Tuesday.

Whether you approve of the National Roads Authority
agreement between Dart and government or not, it is legally binding, which
means that if either party decides to quit playing, the matter would more than
likely wind up in court.

In this instance it would be Dart taking the government to
court, costing the Cayman Islands even more in needless legal fees.

We hope this isn’t going to be another example of government
entering into an agreement and then pulling out at a cost to the country’s

Government, according to Tourism Minister Cline Glidden,
signed the original agreement with Dart as well as two amendments.

For government to say that Dart hasn’t lived up to the
agreement because no hotel has been built is disingenuous.

Anyone who drives by the site of the old Marriott hotel can
clearly see that work is ongoing.

To come back now with a third amendment to get “more” value
for money is clearly electioneering on the part of the people who make up the
sitting government.

Value for money is just that; it isn’t more or less.

Using the closure of the West Bay Road and the NRA agreement
at this juncture as a tool to get re-elected is being less than honest with the
voting public.

In Dart’s opinion the initial agreement and the two
amendments are legally binding and enforceable.

For government to force this matter into the judicial system
and a costly exercise in justice would be a disservice to this country.

It would also send a loud message to the international
community and potential investors that putting your money in Cayman is a
dangerous proposal.




  1. First the Ritz and now Dart, it seems no one is ubove the CIG’s striking distance.. Sad thing is that this word is already out..

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