Time for tea, says Zebedee

There’s nothing quite like a good, satisfying cup of tea. 

That’s why Weekender is delighted to offer up information on a special Cayman AIDS Foundation Tea Party this coming Saturday, 18 May at the UCCI Hall. 

The doors open at 4pm and there’s a whole load of cool stuff going on including tea pot competitions, fancy hat contests, best dressed table prizes and a whole lot more. The event runs until 9pm. 

We asked our mate Noel Smith all about this party with a great cause. 

“The Cayman AIDS Foundation is a registered nonprofit organisation. Our mission is to provide education on the dangers of HIV, and to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. We give support to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and other infections. 

“As a nonprofit organisation, we are always looking for means of raising funds to continue our cause. We are organising a tea part and are seeking donations from our local businesses and we look forward for the community to come out and give their support.” And support it they will, cause as well as being in the best of causes it looks like a massive load of big fat fun, too.  


Competitions ahoy 

So what about these contests, Noel? 

“The tea competition is put in place to see what knowledge people have on all types of tea and where they come from. So if you have a special tea you want to display and can tell the judges about it then you may win the prize. 

“The fancy hat competition is based on the best hat of the evening so if you have a hat that is different from any that I have see before then bring it and let’s see what the judges say,” says Noel, who knows about many different kinds of fashion. 

Any tips on how to get the best decorated table?
“Well, use the best tea pot set you can find to display and the type of tea you have to show. [For example] if you use tea from China then you may want to dress to match the part – that’s more points!” 

There’s also a silent auction with such items as a round trip ticket to Miami worth around $400 – bids, we gather, start at around half of that and there’s plenty of groovy other stuff there too. 

The event runs 5pm to 9pm and costs $10 or $100 for a complete table. Tea Time Cayman will be supplying teas including Working 9 to 5; Beloved Isles Cayman; Skinny Lemongrass; and Hibiscus Vanilla Delight. 


For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 946-3029. 

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